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I do not have a use for Dex because it would only be useful for a tiny minority. I have a laptop and actual workstations because I am not poor.

>But I don't need to carry a laptop hur dur
Still carrying a dock
>Ill have a dock at my workstation and at home hur dur
And when you need to travel or work anywhere else you will be carrying the same shit

My phone already triple boots Android, Sailfish, and Debian on baremetal so where are you going with this because I see no real convincing arguments being made.

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Gemini PDA owner here

As of right now if you go with Gemini PDA then you're better of using SailFish OS than Linux. I only use SFOS myself.

Linux runs poorly, we're awaiting CPU drivers (MediaTek) But don't hold your breathe. chroot Linux under Android gets you the same performance.

SailFish is Linux w/ Wayland.

I write code often on my Gemini PDA. Keyboard is 10/10 for me.

Also you can dual boot (via button keys) and triple boot (with CLI commands)

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Theirs no Linux CPU drivers (Yet) because MediaTek. The 4G does work on Linux. So does calling (via ofono). I have tested only Ubuntu.

Sailfish OS is what I use for now until Linux CPU drivers are available.

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