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what the fuck, all the basic telemetry settings reset after each update?

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GUYS I need some advice, I posted here once and I've made more research since then

Basically I want ISO and that's a pain in the ass, but I still really don't want to switch to ANSI because of my special snowflake language and characters
So basically my plan was to order custom keycaps from maxkeyboards, then get a base set from pimpkeyboard and only use the letters because I like the font

I have two questions:
- Are maxkeyboards keys any good?
- Would mixing keycaps from different sources like that be an issue?

Thanks in advance, any input is appreciated

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Need a better than newegg cheapshit <$10 mic

Low end budget is 20 but I'll go to 50 if it's really good

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g502 is 59.99 at bestbuy.com and Dell's site should I go for it

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B-but I just said I had some headphones

Why would I buy more when mine already works

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Can I watch livestreams without installing flash?

Is there some alternative?

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>AMD 6950 can't max games at 60 fps
>Randomly my soundcards audio devices will be removed
>Have to re-install drivers everytime
>Ricer vase with LED's
>Heatsink's bracket cracked and now I have to use stock
>PSU isn't modular and is messy as fuck
>tfw britfag and no black friday sales

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>implying any on /g/ codes anything of value

You're being an elitist on an anime forum

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anyone here using it

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