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Can someone please explain
>pic related

I wanted to preform a run-of-the-mill defragmentation, and the drive showed up. I haven't the slightest clue as to what it represents; this particular HD partition (\\?\Volume{3638c426...etc, etc}) seems to be completely inaccessible.

Any idea as to where this vol originated from?
I ran a fully comprehensive disk defragmentation last week, and this drive was not there.

any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Why are programmers always dressed like slobs?

Like, why does producing what is often niche and useless code to 99.99% of the population give you the idea that it's not okay to formally dress appropriately?

Other people who type all day have no problem putting on clean and ironed long sleeve shirts.

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The shape of it does it a lot of favors, but its a thick watch. Thick enough that I wouldn't consider the white version a dress watch.

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>People that buy their first watch should be accompanied by an experienced watch enthusiast who will buy the watch with&for them, where they both will have to agree on some compromises.

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