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I want the memes to stop becoming reality.

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why are mac fags so delusional. why do they enjoy cucking themselves.

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Why so many shill threads.
And where is based scat man?

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Future of what? Can it run crysis, Final cut or call onto standard packages?

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You betcha' 25 year veteran embedded systems developer and IT pro here. If it works for you, enjoy it. I do.

I want to solve new problems with my PCs, not old ones - so I use Mint. My wife does, too.

The only thing she really noticed coming from Doze was, "where'd the C: drive go?"

She's a teacher and uses Mint professionally every day. All her apps are cross-platform to work with Macs @ school, anyway.

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The comic is true, after all.


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>loathe every update and wish you could just avoid them

>updates are good, but you have to pay for most of them

>free updates, but ends up forcing you to buy a new device or you roll back the update to the previous version

>free, plentiful, convenient updates

>nobody updates for some reason

Anyone notice the differences in "update culture" of various operating systems?

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Updating Windows 7:
>doesn't finish updating even when left overnight
>have to manually download each update

Updating Windows 10:
>takes 20-30 minutes, download occasionally hangs

Updating Linux:
>takes 5-10 minutes to download and install, even if it's a 500+ MB update

What's the deal?

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So, I'm going to switch from win7 to win10 in a few days. How do I disable auto updates and all of the free microsoft botnet that comes with it?

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Package managers
CLI that isn't garbage
Package managers
Package managers
Programming without wanting to kill yourself. Ultra compatibility with many compilers and interpreters
Package managers
Desktop Environments
Package managers
Installing without worrying about xy keyboard drivers not working
Package managers
Updates without needing to reboot (if you don't use systemd)
Package managers
Knowing what the fuck your PC is doing
Package managers
Superior Sigkill
Package managers

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"best build quality and support in the business"

yep business you said

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The difference is what attitude the user has.

In windows you don't have to cook, but you have no idea what they put into your food.

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but mac users can't get good software without paying for it


>implying OS X is better at linux for anything but running proprietary programs without linux ports
>implying you don't just use windows for those anyways
>implying there's a single practical reason to run OS X

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>update Linux install
>150 MB download
>takes under 10 minutes to download and install

>update Windows
>75 MB download
>download takes 20+ minutes and and install takes another 20+ minutes and have to restart to finish installing

Can anyone explain to me why? How long do OS X updates take to download and install?

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For people just switching from Windows, very pretty and excellent first experience.
For those who want an even prettier and more configurable desktop.
If you want to go more minimalistic or install Linux into an old computer.

--Not recommended for beginners down this--

>Arch Linux
If you want to learn more about Linux and want to configure to be like everything you want it to be, it has the best wiki to go from intermediate user to pro.
>PupNGo Linux
If you want a minimalistic distro or for really (REALLY) old computers with but with an impressive set of software.
>Linux From Scratch
Only for experienced users who knows how to compile programs (NOT FOR NOOBS), this will make you a wizard (and hirable for many jobs).

Special mention: Gentoo. Very good for configuration or for learning purposes, but you would either want to use Arch or LFS for either of those reasons.

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I want Winux.

I love Linux, it's Open Source and I can dig into my shit. I can easily setup compile environments and even theme most of the stuff. But I also want Windows, because I have quite a bunch of games on Steam and most of them won't run on Linux.

Is GamingOnLinux/Wine a decent alternative? Would I be able to maintain my stuff if I moved? How? Did you guys did it?

Btw I'd pick Arch
> inb4 meme distro
I really like Arch. Never left me or gave me huge issues / issues I couldn't solve

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>Nice! New rice!

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(fags will defend this)

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