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What would you consider to be "Advanced Data Structures" ?
I'm working on creating a brand new curriculum for an Advanced Data Structures course.

I've looked at courses from a couple of different universities and there's basically nothing in common.
Some are basically graph theory classes and some focus exclusively on various types of trees.

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My company asked me I would be interested in a promotion with a sizeable pay increase to move to another department.
The issue is that it's C++, which I have very little experience with. I need project ideas.

C++ doesn't seem well-suited for anything in my current project backlog.
I was thinking about rewriting some of my old college projects in C++ to get a feel for it, but that seems boring.

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My Windows Phone died so I switched to an iPhone.

Is there an equivalent to Live Tiles where I can see info from an app without having to open it?
Can I add app info to my lock screen? Like if I have an appointment that day, show it on the lockscreen.

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Has anyone tried out printable sticker paper?
How well does it last?
I'm thinking about printing some stickers out with my laser printer and then cutting them out with a scalpel instead of buying them online...

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I don't get it /g/. You guys complain about traps/faggots/twinks/etc, yet most people on this board seem to not be turned off by the idea of dressing in programming socks and the like. Am I missing something?

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What does /g/ recommend for a good light weight Laptop that can handle itself? Anything around $500, I'm just going to use it to program and for presentations, not much else to do for Uni work. The Macbook Air is one of the best looking ones and I can easily get one under $500 but the battery is most likely fucked at that point.

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My company allocates 5 hours a week for me to contribute to an open source project.
It sounded really cool when I started, but I don't know what to contribute to.
I've made contributions to .NET Core, various things in Apache Commons, jQuery, React, Angular, you name it.
I'd like to contribute to smaller projects that might need it more.


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If you are below 20, you should start thinking of becoming a twink, so >>69672147 is actually right. You are the perfect trap material.

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void main()
import std.stdio : write, writeln, stdout, readf;

write("Enter your numeric grade: ");

int num;
readf(" %s\n", &num);

writeln("Your grade is ", num < 60 ? "F." : num < 70 ? "D." : num < 80 ? "C."
: num < 90 ? "B." : "A. Congratulations!");

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rolling again hopefully I get it

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Is it feasible to do all of my development on a VM?
I use C# for work, Python for school, and Java/Scala for personal projects.
I'm tired of my computer being bloated with so many IDEs, SDKs, compilers, and whatever else Visual Studio installs.
My thought is to create a VM image for each language that I can boot into when I need it.

Are there any drawbacks?

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I have an interview for a developer position at Amazon on Wednesday.
How should I prepare?

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is that why so many anon wants to be the little girl?

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>get hired as a software engineer
>boss requires programmers to spend time doing data entry
>automate the data entry, show to boss, explain how much time and money will be saved
2019 is going to be great, I know it.

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