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I helped ccd0 add obfuscated botnet code to recent versions of 4chan X and advised him to pull it from github.org lest he gets discovered and reported. The botnet is appended to the code at compile-time; it's built into our fork of the Coffeescript compiler. It's very basic right now but eventually we're gonna make it into a powerful, decentralized p2p network that DDoSes sites specified by our future clients. The C&C is a hidden Github repo; orders are routed via the updates mechanism (just setting a few variables). Since the last few revisions we've gotten a couple prospective clients (we advertise on IRC and on blackhat SEO forums) and we're going to start actually making money for the next few days. ccd0 will deny this to the best of his ability, for obvious reasons - or maybe try to make it look like he's trolling all of you - but I seriously encourage you to stop updating 4chan X if you ever notice your connection getting slow/have bandwidth restrictions. See, the botnet is opt-out that way.

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Allow me to show you...

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Don't worry, he'll be sure to let you know

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>And how on earth are they going to know who uses that unique browser?
your a moron, from your facebook profile
>How are the guberment supposed to find that $POLITICAL_IDEA_I_DONT_LIKE
They seize Google's data and mine it to find people that may be against them - you
>How are they going to arrest me without actually breaking any laws or having concrete proof of doing so?
He actually thinks matters of national security require rules!

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I didn't know that, I can pick a new one

Literally a phone noob, never used a smartphone before so I didn't know that was an iIcon

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so I flashed my bios a bit ago and now when I go over 3.5 ghz my vcore decides to shoot up on its own and it didn't do that before, so am I missing something here? seems like it doesn't matter what setting I put it on, manual or offset
Asus M5A97

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Why do you care how big it is?

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