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>sudo enter

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>with mic
You goofed up.

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I just ordered an Ergodox Ez with their new solder-free switch changing addon, however, I could not get Gateron brown due to them only shipping with cherry and kailh. Is Alixepress safe to order from? What is an expected price for a gateron switch?

Does this look legit?

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My ISP gives me the month for free if there is any downtime.

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Isn't search integrated into cortana? Kind of useful when it works.

But yeah, that being said, I don't know why this isn't memed more. Seems like a pretty good modern alternative to Windows 7. If it weren't for the fact I'm already running Windows 10 - Normie Edition with a bunch of important files, I'd probably switch over.

Genuine question, what are the UI bugs?

I'd rather take the lesser of two evils when I have to boot into Windows, otherwise I'm using gnu/linux for the most part.

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