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sure. 1st one

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Yeah I don't like how there's so much stuff that can be auto-generated/copy-pasted and how much of that I need to do before I get to express myself (by actually writing code that can't be auto-gen/copy-pasted).

Or maybe I'm stupid, it could be that too. But this is my experience so far.

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Anyone know if there any any decent keyboards made in America or at least some western country?

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My uncleaned code is full of BAPspeak or ebonics and im afraid i one day forget to clean it

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>a bard of some sort
>i just don't think it's moral to do so
You're officially the dumbest person on 4chan.

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So you're saying my interface is fine and most of the anons in the thread talking shit don't have much of a case for the majority of consumers? Why am I not surprised?

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>last week
>reviews zen2 products favourably
>"fuck AMD Unboxed, what an AMD shill"
>this week
>releases charts that pretty much confirm what he showed last week (3900X behind by 5-10% on average)
>"look! Intel Unboxed is shilling for Intel!"

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I already have Malwarebytes free, Windows Defender, and Common Sense (tm) installed. But just as an extra measure, I want a premium solution. Which is better?

Malwarebytes Premium or Bitdefender Premium (or both?)

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Firefox uses 50% cpu simply scrolling.
I have hw accel force enabled, but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?

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ok. Now I know I'm being taken for a ride. Good talk.

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>Bought a 24" Dell 165HZ 1440p G-sync monitor less than a week ago
>So far has been amazing and a GIANT leap forward compared to the 59HZ 1080p panel I came from
>Hear Nvidia is offering Freesync support

Motherfucker. Spent $350.

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What if save 50$ more how 400$ sounds?
Consoles are out the question I at least want to emulate ps3 though on the new rig.

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help please

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Ever since I did this Windows 10 feature update a couple days ago my PC has been running slow and it loads all of my start ups in the backgrounds before I even typed in my password and signed in.

What the fuck Microsoft?

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Looking to change to mechanical keyboards, but budget is low at the moment, would order to Europe from aliexpress or similar. I am using a T420.

Main use would be: programming, typing. No gaming at all.
Limitations: I live with another person, and clicky noises are an issue. I figured cheery brown's equivalent would be nice, but i'm not familiar with either cherry or khali (?). As I said, i'm typing on a T420.

Numkey part would be nice to have, I have space on the desk and I do miss the number keys on the thinkpad (bookkeeping a lot).

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hey /g/ is there a good, free, open source (doesn't quite have to be) mp3 tag editor with the option to add an album cover? i can't find anything free.

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As many as I damned please. Not enough. Too much sometimes. Yea fuck you OP. You don't know me. Thinking you can judge me from your ivory tower of FUCK.

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Figured I'd try here before /v/...

I use Windows and Steam for gaming. While uninstalling some programs in Windows, I noticed some of my games have duplicates and, apparently, are in the same location. They only show as duplicate in Windows, however, while on Steam they appear normal.

Which file do I uninstall and how?

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Stop it with the memespeak, it won't help you "fit in" because you're just making a fool of yourself. Speak normally or gtfo.
men ina mdina rak?

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Is there a way to get email-to-txt notifications on my smartphone just using wi-fi instead of buying an actual service plan or whatever?

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I have been in sales my entire adult life, the last 5 years specifically selling e-commerce solutions in the automotive industry. I fucked myself up due to an alcohol about 4 years ago and lost everything. I cleaned my act up, addressed some underlying depression/anxiety issues, and feel better.

Anyway, I went to college and got an associates in network engineering along with another little "certificate" in the fundamentals of the major aspects of IT. It was just 1 or 2 classes in software dev, web dev, database mgmt, etc... I currently have a Net+, but may also go ahead and get a CCNA. Also, Cisco's Netacad has a free course called "Customer Success Manager" which is relevant to my interests, because I like the hybrid of technical knowledge with the soft skills that I have developed from sales.

Am I going to be alright?

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Can you guys suggest some things to buy? What are the current memes going right now? Some items I would be interested in:

usb dac (already have a desktop am and speakers) Are there any ESS Sabre chips for cheap?

comfy bluetooth headphones (over ear/on ear)

bluetooth transmitter (or transmitter/receiver) to plug into my current desktop amp's 3.5, I guess

loose tea that won't kill me

Just tell me what to buy already, anything that is interesting.

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