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Thanks. Their 67 key options (Minila I believe) looks like exactly what I want, but being Canadian makes it a bit too pricey. Will keep an eye out for sales
Thanks. It's a bit bigger than my perfect (imagined) keyboard but might settle for it
Thanks. Too big, no backlight was just to save money, I don't mind it

From a quick search, pic related seems to by my dream keyboard but it looks like there's no way I'm getting it in my budget in Canada. Looks like the Minila might be my best options, thanks fellas

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I just bought pic related, and it's pretty good. Really like the blues, and the PBT keycaps feel nice under the fingers. Never used an MX board before, and much to my surprise (pleasant surprise that is) the actuation force is actually lower than the rubber dome keyboard I've been using. I'm coming from an ergonomic keyboard (needed a compact solution due to shoulder pain from reaching for the mouse), so I'm making a lot of typos at the moment, but I think I'm going to be happy with this one. It was a struggle to find something without gaudy backlights, with navigation keys, and small enough that I could put it next to my mouse and use the latter with my arm held straight from the shoulder and not need to reach across my body to type.

As far as criticism, I can definitely see how some people would find the keycaps to be too "light" (they're very thin), and I keep bringing up the goddamn calculator by overreaching and pressing the oddly-located fn key along with the backspace. The different size and location of the arrow keys also feels odd, but I was expecting that. The rake is also a little aggressive for me, and I'm definitely going to need a wristpad to type on this since the keys are up pretty high from the desk. The switches aren't plate-mounted, but they feel very secure and have a pleasant thump when bottoming out (which I do a lot, and pretty hard, being a "vigorous" typist).

I am going to miss my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000, but the size of it was killing my shoulder. Anyway, I'd give this keyboard four out of five stars.

Are Griffiti wrist rests worth buying, or should I just get one of those unbranded blue gel ones they have at Office Max?

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Why aren't there more 75% boards? Literally perfection

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Any idea when mechanicalkeyboard com will get more of these [vortex kbt race II] in stock? It's so beautiful

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What's supposed to be so good about Das keyboards? Do they have something other brands don't? I've never used one, but I've suspected that they are just the one brand people new to mech KBs hear about the most.
For example, on my stream, I had someone see my KBT Race (a 75% board) and ask "is that a Das keyboard?"

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