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Great watch, definitely prefer it over a SARB033 because of the double finish on the hands (&lack of lume) and the domed mineral is amazing.

Though is a bit of a pain to find straps for beyond a perlon or the pretty good solid link bracelet it comes on.

Supposedly a watch belonging to my great-grandfather, given to me by my grandfather after he found it in his old dacha.

As to what it really is, it's a K-43 with an odd aftermarket dial. Movement is made in 1942 in the Chistopol watch factory, aka Vostok.

Now as far as odd dial, unlike the common tourist watches you may find on eBay for 50$, which are usually just either chink made or printed straight onto a roached dial this one is made out of paper and apparently via some investigating by a couple of autists on f10 it seems to be an artsel dial that was made in the 50's. I don't quite buy it, but the dial is definitely paper.

Definitely going to need it.

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I've tried working with the WUS autists for a bit but they are also divided as to what exactly were looking at.

What it appears to be is a 1942 ChChz movement, with civilian hands that were repainted with luminous material during the war and an aftermarket dial made somewhere between 1946-1952. Case also appears to be ChChz.

Movement is keeping time surprisingly well.

Maybe a lil bit, i bought a couple of Poljots automatics on somewhat of a binge and i expect to sell one of them. Another options is taking pretty pictures and selling them on WUS for instant shekels.

Though, said Raketa is just something for me to fuck around with when i'm not at the base.

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