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>want to queue something on my friend's Spotify premium
>go to settings
>quality: automatic
>download quality: normal
>set all songs same volume: on

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>Wait a second, people are unironically using python*

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>Hide the amazon shit
>It goes away never to be seen again
>Hide windows bloat
>Le sweating developers man comes to your house and fucks you with a rake while installing bonzi buddy on your computer

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>not financing your phone through the samsung upgrade program so you can get the freshest phones every year and build your credit score

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>highly skilled

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I genuinely had a dream within the last week where I did him a favour and he gave me a pen as a gift because he thought it was the appropriate thing to do.

Once I was out of his sight he sent a secretary to take back the pen. I think he has entered the collective unconscious as someone who is largely an alien force.

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Even when the gopher himself is forced to admit the absurdity of his chosen language the illusion does not fade.

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>instinctually know which parts of images recaptcha actually has problems recognising

i am de captain of google now

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Which one you dum dum?

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Don't listen to the retards telling you to zero it out or break it. Just quick format it and you'll be fine. It's not like you can run from the botnet anyways, since there's a small computer inside the SSD. The controller inside runs its own non-free OS and simply exposes a common interface for the drive, like SATA. There's also an entire operating system in your motherboard of your computer alone, kernel and all if you use UEFI. And beyond that, there's a little CPU in you CPU called the Intel ME or AMD PSP that can act as a hardware hypervisor, controlling the whole PC and potentially phone home to CIA niggers.

You don't even know what tinfoil is, kiddo. The botnet is coming, and it won't stop until it rapes your tight little butt until you cry and it makes you its bitch.

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>compensating for your lack of storage by working remotely
>he has to have a network connection to work
Haha, faggot. You're tethered to the internet. I'm not.

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My X230 (similar hardware to the T430) technically has infinite battery life depending on how many batteries I carry with me. All I have to do is turn off the laptop, swap the battery, and turn it back one. This takes on average less than 20 seconds, since it shuts off instantly, swapping the battery takes 5-10 seconds, and my last boot time (according to BIOS logs) is 4.2 seconds. I don't even have hybrid startup enabled so I'm reloading the whole kernel and all the extensions and programs each time. Can your Mac boot in less than 5 seconds? Each battery lasts about 10-15 hours of medium usage, as in multiple programs running with the screen on low brightness. If I throttle down the CPU, lower the brightness, and only do light web browsing I can easily get a full 24 hours, and this is on a chinkshit 9 cell battery using Winshit 10 Enterprise. I can get even better battery life on Linux with a light desktop and some additional power management packages for laptops like TLP. I can also upgrade the RAM to 16GB and the storage to literally anything I want because UEFI supports more storage than I can even buy right now, so my boot disk can be fucking near infinite in size.

>but it can't run muh fruity toy OS!
Yes it can. This laptop actually has decent hackintosh support, and I just installed High Sierra the other day to test it out. Everything but WiFi works but that can be fixed with a $10 wireless card, which I have an extra slot for.

Lick my ass, iToddler.

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Capitalism is driven by greed alone. That's the flaw in it. It operates purely on the "I want my pockets full now" mentality without consideration for others.

>iPhones, Tablets
>implying these are good things
These pieces of trash are why we don't have any free as in freedom hardware. You don't actually own the device when it's filled with remote backdoors and you can't install your own software all the way down to the BIOS.

>Socialism built the Holocaust
>implying this is a bad thing
Would you by any chance happen to be a semite of the greedy and large nosed variety?

When you translate a language, you translate ideas, not the word for word text. When you translate historically significant texts, you try to get as close as possible to the original text while tweaking the grammar a little to make it readable. Why are you so fucking dumb?

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>buy any x86 board ever
>manufacturer ran Windows on it in factory
>buy some ARM chinkshit
>uses non-free boot firmware
>use MIPS trash
>it's slow as fuck
>build your own laptop
>it's literally an Amazon chinkshit keyboard, a power brick for phones, a cheap little display, and a Numaleberry Pi 3 duct taped into a cardboard box

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>bootable flash drive
Whats so wrong about this, nigger?
(of a disk) containing the software required to boot a computer.
>flash drive
a small electronic device containing flash memory that is used for storing data or transferring it to or from a computer, digital camera, etc.
Stupid nigger nerd, if you find something obviously wrong with what I wrote, please elaborate.

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Why does /g/ even like this guy? He made some shitty implementations of a full operating system, which I'm sure any other actual professional could do

Stallman and Linus can literally pick out women to join their free open source harem, meanwhile Terry has to literally watch his "goddesses" get BLACKED

He is a cuck, autistic and in denial schizo, he is even arguably worse than the average /g/ newfag

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Red for Finland.

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u dumb

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