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Look at both pics
Smudges don't disapear depending on the light angle anon.
Would it have been better to explain to him that his shitty toy watch has a plastic "crystal"?
I have no clue why I even want to buy one of those things

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That's not was his mission was though
He wasn't trying to change his future, just get a 5100 to fix some old UNIX programs.
Speaking of which, What the hell legacy programs were they trying to fix?
Every implementation of UNIX that matters is 64 bit now, and is therefore immune to the 2038 problem.
This. It looks obvious as fuck that its an optic wire.

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Not only is bending a laser physically impossible, Titor claimed it was because of the graviatation field generate by his time machine. If that was the case, then all the light in the machine would be distorted, not just he light from the laser pen.

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