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how the fuck are you suppose to get a modern day job if you have social anxiety issues?
been to a few interviews recently and it's always 2-3 people staring at you asking questions, i don't seem "social or confident enough" "wasn't looking people in the eyes enough" fuck off, if you gave me a chance i'd just get on with the work in hand and not get distracted at all.

why do they all want confident social people? surely they know the quiet types are the ones who actually get the job done instead of chatting in the fucking office all day like most women do.

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Britbong here, how the fuck do i stop those electoral roll websites from posting my info online? I'm pretty good at controlling my privacy since i've never used social media but it seems like there nothing you can do about the electoral websites since everyone is enrolled by default (despite the fact i've never voted). The only way to remove my information (which had my current address and name) was to send them a form with my personal information on requesting it to be taken down.
Seems like a bad idea in general though since theres probably 50+ electoral websites with the info on.

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>not running your drives in raid
>not having backups
you deserve everything

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Can i run pentadactyl yet?
Call me when i can.

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>Captcha: avenidas calle

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