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can you be minimalist with TWO laptops?

I am moving and getting rid of my desktop. I will only have my X230 and a few spare hard drives/ssd's from the desktop.

I am paranoid about having only 1 computer in case something happens. Having a backup computer is simply the logical reasonable thing to do, right?

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Do you ever clean re-install your gnu/linux system?
You really should, after 3 or 4 full version upgrades, your system starts experiencing linux rot not unlike the shit you encounter on windows.
Thankfully it's piss easy to wipe your linux box painlessly, you do keep your home folder in a separate partition and keep all your relevant user configs in ~/.config, ~/.local, and certainly NOT in the global /etc, right, /g/?

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now THAT is autism

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Planning and learning stage of making stuff with ncurses
on that note, how long for me to be somewhat proficient with ncurses? Not really started because I've been busy so I've not really got an idea in my head

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how old is he now? still preaty

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That was kinda a good deal...

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to be fair the X1 Carbons have been doing that as well as the slim variants within the T-series since the T440s I believe.

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Why is shell scripting so comfy?

I just wish you could distinguish between numeric variables and strings in shellcheck.

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me using edge

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>can it browse modern JS shit and browser stuff alright?
>is the display fine? just asking if i can watch rick and morty on it
>how good is the battery life?
>heard the keyboard is good
>is the display really small in case i wanted to use a DE? i'll go for a wm surely
>drivers in GNU/LINUX?
>12.5" seems nice

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lurk more

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No it's not you dumbfucks. 20 years ago nobody had ads on the internet and it still grew. Mio.+ users sites like eBay and Amazon are literally the reason for ads. Nobody cares whether your shitty blog gets any ad revenue. If your content (databases, journals, articles, research, porn) is worth paying for people will gladly buy it using their cc.

Nobody gives a fuck whether your 100000000th review for Minecraft will get you any ad revenues. Your mindset of expecting of people to support any shit is what's wrong. I don't give a damn about knowyourmeme or any site that blocks adblockers because even if it dies it's 1) archieved 2) noone remembers memes from 2005 3) at least 20 new meme explaining sites will open.

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If you can afford it and the screen quality is MOST important to you: get it. They’re very nice ThinkPads.

If you just want a good HD screen, don’t want to spend so much or more importantly: want classic ThinkPads features like removable battery, Ethernet etc: get the T470

You can use a corporate code and get the base level one for like $670

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They screwed up by calling it retro, it shows they don't consider their new designs a fuck up.

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Anyone here with a 1080p T420/T430?

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I havn't yet but I can tell you that my battery from the t420 wont charge on my t530.
I did the battery mod on my t430 and it charges the t420 battery after. I'll try the mod on my t530 when I got time, too lazy to install linux on another SSD.

You should be fine with pcsx2 emulation. But at FHD you might be asking a bit too much.

Lol I overclocked my NVS 5400m to 900MHz and it's a house fire, fermi sucks. 88-91c I have a i7 3630qm.

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Lucky me, I saved some of them on my PC, I just hope someone of you guys makes an album as for the BIOS Splash screen.

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My Thinkpad arrives tomorrow.
What's the first thing I should do?
[スポイラー]Installing gnu comes later[/スポイラー]

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We've all seen Ashens videos

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First for anime Thinkpads

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