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Idk but i cant wait

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use whatever floats your boat man
sorry i tried to change your mind
moving on

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>fell for the mouth fedora meme once
>have to charge the stupid batteries
>have to fiddle with controls
>every juice tastes like complete shit
>tank didn't seal right, sticky shit everywhere
>have to keep replacing coils all the time
And that's the story of how I wasted $80 on moronic gay swipple trash. Cigarettes just work and they don't leak overnight or need firmware updates. Cigarettes don't taste like candy and other babyish numale bs.

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>t. Intel Incel (TM)

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That and conky are good for stuff like weather widgets and monitoring your temps if you're on a desktop. That's what I use it for.

>using swap
What the fuck? It's 2018. Even my older laptops with 4GB of RAM running Linux or BSD struggle to use half of it. What are your running that eats so much memory? Even Windows 10 LTSB uses about 1GB idle with the page file off.

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They great if you need a really powerful embedded computer running Linux or BSD with lots of I/O. There's a fair amount of software ported to Debian ARM, so you won't have to do much compiling, if any at all. They're pretty comfy as tiny desktops if you buy a proper case, a SATA adapter, a 1TB HDD, and you install BSD on them. Shit like >>65553581 is just soymale garbage. You don't need anything more than a drop of Arctic Silver 5 and a small heat sink, or maybe a tiny fan.

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It's a laptop made especially for a single school in a single state of Australia.
Okay. Lets get a reality check in here. Lets do point form.
-These laptops were designed for XP, but run windows 7
-They have no disc drive.
-You were given no discs or anything due to reasons above and below.
-It is illegal to alter the latop in any way other than removable stickers on the back of the screen.
-They are technically rare, especially since every year theyre completely different.. but its not something you really want. they are very underpowered and weak. ive seen inside them and theres not much room for upgrades.
-Ive broken 2, both screens breaking. just about everyone i knew had this problem. many people had problems with software aswell. eg- they have gremlins with their wi-fi when you do certain things, which i know easy way to fix but for those who dont know, and those who do included, its extremily annoying and unnessacary.
-if you try to run any program, you better be preppared to wait, and hope its not pre-occupied with trying to do some other simple task, as they commonly freeze up opening programs such as Word, Sketchup, and Internet explorer.
-your blocked from installing ANY programs on the computer, and the bluecoat proxy also blocks every known website other than government websites and wikipedia.
-i have found websites blocked for reasons such as "culture/art", "education", and even a outrageous number of sites blocked under the reason "none"
-the above mentioned blocks happen in ALL locations on ALL networks ALL the time.
-the keypad takes a while to get used to and is noisy.
-the mouspad is too small
-the batteries dont last long enough.
-theyre plain shit.
-ive put games on mine before but it cannot handle them. it is too weak even for simplest programs.

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Nice cherry picking. Also, when was the last time you tried WINE on something like Mint or Ubuntu? I find that most Windows programs I use (mostly CA software and old win32 games) runs better than it does natively on Windows.

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>>what distro and version?
Debian stable.
>>for how long?
Around 2 years.
>>what model? is any of the hardware broken under Linux?
2011 MacBook Pro 13 inch. All of the hardware works fine.
>>is the battery life comparable to what you get under macOS?
It's about 7 hours on a heavily used battery. I could probably do some tweaks and make it better but I don't care.
>>how much of a pain in the ass is the installation?
Completely painless. Same as on a PC, except you hold a couple keys to select the flash drive from the EFI menu.
>>do you have to dual-boot?
Nope. I have only Debian running.
>>is it actually a good idea or am I just setting myself up for disappointment?
Don't buy a Mac just for Linux. The hardware is trash and gets hot and throttles easy. I got this laptop for free.

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I never made a facebook after myspace and lost contact with anyone I knew after college

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Because women are retarded. Remember that bridge made by all female engineers that collapsed and killed like 6 people? This is why we don't want women in STEM. Programming at a professional level is more than just web pages, bitch. I work on embedded systems that run on critical hardware. There's no room for errors, and everything has to modular. There are no women in my office, because the higher ups know that diversity hires being allowed to touch important things would be the death of this entire product line, or even the company.

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needs more stickers

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