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>And of course it wont have those apps day one,even the dude in the video said it wasnt supposed to be your main phone day one.
>$700 for a burner phone that does nothing a $30 amazon fire tablet can't do with 15 minutes of soldering

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>cuck license

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> tixati isn't on the list of whitelisted clients

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> it's a private tracker doesn't allow Tixati episode

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>windows 10 style flat design

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Is the Agile methodology snake oil, or are all companies just terrible at implementing it? In my experience after three different jobs that all claimed to be following 'Agile best practices', it seems to prevent nothing it promises to prevent (crunch time, arbitrary requirements, feature work coming back from the dead and bleeding into different sprints) and adds the overhead of a Scrum master who is literally powerless but is there just for appearances and a few meetings a week about other people's work and issues I don't care about.

Also, open offices are terrible.

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>Two Komandirskies and a hooker
>cheap watches and a cheap hooker
>badly made unreliable watches and an ugly and fat STD ridden hooker

No, thanks

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please leave

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Should i update to windows 10?
>You have one day left to decide
Will i regret down the road?
Current system: Windows 7

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>that chinese
>that arabic

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>dried mangos

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fuck what an annoying accent

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>mfw someone over the age of 40 considers themself an audiophile

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>that font rendering

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>Desktop thread
>90% of the posts are minimized windows covering the actual desktop.
>No icons (custom icons)
>Wallpaper consist of a solid color background + ONE anime girl
>No rainmenter-like softwares

Wow I thought /g/ was able to do better in terms of ricing.

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