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>tfw those big mangirl feet aren't on my chest while I'm pounding his almond
It's not fair...

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What is this, application development for tactical networks? God, that sounds like such a nightmare environment to work in. No cell phones, no goofing off during downtime. It'll be all crunch all the time and when you finally get your phone from your locker you'll have just enough time to shower, eat your dinner, and fall asleep.

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off by one errors

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>tfw every new laptop on the market is slimbody
i just want the old bulky thinkpad design but with modern specs

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I buy everything used because I know what I'm doing.
If you're a mouth breathing dumbass, buy new so you get a warranty.

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>tfw programming course wants an essay instead of programming
never gonna make it lads, go on without me

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I'm trying to share a file over the Bittorrent protocol. I need to use a tracker if I'm not seeding 100% of the time. What are some or a one trackers that I can just announce to so I don't need to seed all the time? General file, 300MB .zip file.

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Fuck all this noise I just want to game on 1080 60 fps for eternity.
Why 4k doesn't become the norm now for normies ffs.

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What is your unpopular opinion about future?

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You can actually make a game in basically any programming language. Some engines already exist in certain languages that you could work off of, but I think if I were to make my own game, I'd likely just choose my favorite lang and start from scratch. I'd hate to end up with a shitty lagfest of a game because I fell for a meme like Unity.

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>mfw two thuggy nogs will never accost me in public, pin me, apply makeup, put me in a skirt, and turn me into a pretty girl

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I think we can finally call it. Consoles won, gg!

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They supported DRM too, so they betrayed their users as anyone else in W3C. I only use their shit because it's fast and hate the shitty features of blink based craps, but you know... Baker should resign, not because of this, but because her money grabbing acts and shrinking userbase. Of course she don't have to because Mozilla isn't a public company and Google will keep it around so their ass is saved from antitrust actions, but it's sad to see this level of user hostility

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>tfw mom thought you were taking drugs when she found a syringe of thermal compound in your room

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>tfw buy nice keyset
>get here and it all fits nicely.....
>forget that because I use UK keyboard I just wasted the money

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I'm >>62404718
My typing skills are like 1% if I keep the phone in landscape mode. I only do it with the Hearthstone chat since it's the only way to talk to my friends without putting the game in background which could be seen as a disconnection from the game, but it's just outright painful, I tend to give short answers in this scenario.

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>be me
>buy submissive robot gf
>cheats on me with toaster
>calls police and acuses me of transhuman abuse
>sues me and I lose the house (thanks 2078 6th wave feminists)

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Alright /g/s

I'm a fucking old school programmer. Not AS400 old but write your own java and style sheets in text. Hell when I started there was no such thing as CSS.

Anyway I want to into apps. The problem is I cannot for the fucking life of me figure out how to into database. Not the database, not the SQL code, but how the fuck do I make my game/app/whatever talk to a website or database. I just want the most simple thing:

>user downloads app
>user enters [name]
>name goes into my database
>user come back
>"Hi [name]"

Am I missing something simple or completely obvious or - seriously how the fuck do you do this? I mean I used to write .asp pages and microsoft SQL dbs for a living but went off the grid and did php/mySQL for years before then dropping off the grid and just jerking it to 4chan webms all day.

Seriously I'm rusty but why the fuck can't I figure this out and what the fuck is the answer?

thanks /g/ents

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I'm planning to at least learn a bit of go in case I could help with this...
I've been procrastinating way too long when it comes to pro/g/ramming.

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>that feel when you have mirrored RAIDs for all your data and you need to buy a pair of 10tb drives for your porn because you're running out of space.
Fucking JAVs, my porn is around 3TB and I have 5TB of just jap shit. I have a problem.

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Remember to never use ableist, homophobic, racist or sexist language in your ruby project's code of conduct, shitlord. (^:

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