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Either way if you senpaitachi have Seiko divers that are only a few years old or less you might want to get them inspected, especially if they're Monsters or Baby Tunas.

Don't know about the other lines like the Turtle, but the SKX might be affected as well.

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Customer comes back today that the watch I dried out and re-water-tested only a month ago is fogging up and stopped. Turns out the stupid retard not only took a shower with the watch, a shitty 100m Fossil two-three days after he picked it up (March 8), where it immediately fogged up, the dipshit let it stay flooded for almost a month, till it stopped yesterday.

The movement was swimming in condensation, and already started to rust pretty bad. He was kinda pissed that manufacturers would sell a watch as waterproof that couldn't take a shower, even after I pointed out that I personally wouldn't take a 1000m diver near hot water nor soap, and the manual and warranty card specifically said to avoid them.

People are fucking stupid.

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>only having patina on the outside

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Date window, indices and hands are fucked, good purchase anon!
>inb4 water damaged

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