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Either Eulit (regular or Palma models) or the Italian made ones. Daluca are also an option but are generally less common.

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You should see one of the regulars on f10. The guy has bout 700~ in his collection, all cleanly displayed on his website and 90% are slav watches and 85%~ of them are dress watches.

Plus the fleamarket find i sold to him for a healthy profit.

Also now that i think about how many Jap watches i've owned and i sold:
>SNZG15 that went to britbong serviceman
>SNK357 to a drunk Irishman
>Rather badly scuffed Type II penismeme with a deep blue dial to another Irishman
>Nicely modded 7002 that required a service to a Swede
>Orient Ray to a very funny Polak.
>Citizen NY0040 with a crooked chapter ring to a Sinagpoorian
>SKX007 to a burgeristani because it was too damn bland.

Now all i got left is a 5206 that needs the day lever or gear changed, a Weekdater and a 2nd gen pre-prospex Seiko Monster. Next up to get would be a couple of 52XX's, one for parts and another one to wear, another very good looking penis meme and in the long run a SARX015 (Till the end of 2016~).

I'd start buying the Penismeme and 52XX's now, but both the draft and moving apartments is a bad time.

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>Swiss scene has so many unknowable redials
Which are usually easy to spot, frankens on the other hand are a bit less easy since they are surprisingly uncommon.

The issue with the Swiss scene that if you sway away from well known manufacturers, part interchangeability, general information and rarity vastly increases. My Dugena is the only one of it's kinda that i have seen, and i doubt i'd find another one(Swiss ebuche movement though). But for 50$ i ain't complaining.

Also the more i look at it the more am i swayed away from shelling 500$ on a SDGM and getting a SARX instead.

Orient Bambino V2

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Weekdater runs fine, so there isn't a need to service it for now. Seller said it was serviced in February and it seems squint eyes wasn't lying.

Day to day performance is about +10secs, seller said average rate is +8sec and the graph shows about that. Plus no beat error at all. My only grief with the 6206 is that you can't quickset the day, and the tiny crown makes it a pain to set the time when needed.

Also, are we talking about the vol/1H1 or vol2/H2 print of the catalog?

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