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Any time, Anon.

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>Historically was used as a clear modifier for the point.
>Point out that Microsoft panicked and bought up an upstart company in order to not eventually have to compete with them on their own platform in the future.
>Still doesn't negate the fact that mono is MIT licensed.
Have you no shame in sucking a company's anticompetitive cock? High quality compilers for feverishly protected enterprise languages don't just come from nowhere, they require someone footing the bill to hire dedicated, competent, and experienced developers. The fact that a company was bought out in order to control it and to protect microbucks is an indictment of C#.
>He thinks lethal house fires don't happen from stove mishaps already.
Saying that most people should prefer (by default) using their microwave does a disservice to the microwave itself just as much as it does for chefs and cooks. People need to learn that danger inherently comes with power, and be acclimated to it in order to use the lion's share of libraries in the broader ecosystem. The fact that a massive amount of websites were crippled by a popular library not meshing well with a bug fix is an indication of the danger faced by centralizing toolchains. Running away from the upper foundation of software development is impossible if you actually care about your comfy languages.
>Well known and respected features from other languages that incentivise safer development by being more approachable or adaptable is somehow not inherently good.
So this is the power of enterprise programming.
>Unironically engaging with /pol/
>A population that is a subset of two other populations implys that the majority of the other two populations are subsets of each other
>Insulting both in an ambiguous defense of one of them.
wew. It's no wonder why /g/ has a bad reputation.

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My friend and I want to make a small website for our families(it basically accesses our servers and dumbs torrenting down to them).
He wants to make it using bootstrap+angular, I want to use custom css, and little to no js.
He says 0.6MB is nothing(size of bootstrap and angular) nowadays, even though my version needs less than 2kb
Is he right?

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Write a concise report giving an abstract description of your program. Explain the architecture and design of the program and point out the use of any object oriented design patterns. Very short program fragments may be included to illustrate the description.

Not really sure what to write here. I barely used any OO and got rid of the shitty overrides because it made it unreadable. Am I meant to explain the algorithms I used to implement different formats? It's only a short 1k line program.

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No wait im not the only one who was dropped, i think. There were like five people who received the same email as i did. Only me and this one guy responded to it, late.

and let me tell you about the class. We only attend class once a week for three hours in the evening. Its all just lecture, take some notes if ya want but theres no real point since he posts it online in the school website we use to get assignments and communicate.

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Is there a quicker way to find the second occurance of a character in a string without compromising readability? This seems slow.

string numberString = NameAddressComboBox.SelectedItem.ToString(); /* can't just get text when we add dynamically, it gets previously selected item */

int dashcounter = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < numberString.Length; i++)
if (numberString[i] == '-') /* remove from the beginning of the string, to the second dash, to get the number on it's own */
if (++dashcounter == 2)
numberString = numberString.Substring(i+1, numberString.Length-(i+1)).Trim();

Basically I have a string which is
string - string - number
and I want to get rid of the string - string - so I can get the number on it's own and parse it

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what're you talking about
looks fine to me

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this fam, smh tbqh

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Hi, I was wondering if there is an easy way to check if a string has a certain amount of a certain character. I have this code-
Console.Write("Please enter track details: ");
trackSplit = Console.ReadLine();
if (! trackSplit.Contains('-'))
Console.WriteLine("Invalid input, you must enter the song in the form \"Artist - Song Name\" ");
while (! trackSplit.Contains('-'));

I know how to check that there is at least one seperator, but I also need to check that there is not more than one -

Thanks lads, duckduckgo wasn't helpful

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Hi /dpt/,

my german friend wanted me to make a small program which constantly pings google.de, and displays the current ping, and the average of the last ten pings, updating every second. He also wants it to be transparent aside from the text and always on top but I'll wwork that out later. I've never done GUI's before so I though I'll do it for fun. Here's what I have so far.

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

public class PingGui : Form
static public void Main ()
Application.Run (new PingGui ());

public PingGui ()
List <long> lastTenPings = new List<long>();
long averagePing, lastPing;
const string addressToPing = "www.google.de";
while (true)
Ping googlePing = new Ping();
PingReply reply = googlePing.Send(addressToPing, 2000);
lastPing = reply.RoundtripTime;
if (lastTenPings.Count > 10)
averagePing = lastTenPings.Sum() / lastTenPings.Count;
MessageBox.Show("Pinging " + addressToPing + " - ping = " + lastPing\n +
"Average ping from last ten pings = " + averagePing);

I have never done GUI's before so I am probably doing something retarded. My problem is that the message box appears, showing the current ping and average, but it only updates when I click ok, and then it loads a new message box with the new info. How can I just have one box which auto updates every second?

Thanks, sorry if the formatting is mangled, 4chan code formatting always fucks up for me

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>not embracing the braces

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Hey. Dickbag.
Shut up.
Otherwise I'll dump my entire folder of this.

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