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just like OP, who cares

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ah cherry picking arguments now are we?
stay focused on the topic at hand

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>supporting an outdated business model
You know its been nearly 15 years and the price of cd's and dvd's still hasn't gone down. And yet they've been cheaper and cheaper to product while the music and video quality is getting shittier and shittier.
Also don't be pointing fingers, six tend to point back.

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Yeah i've ran a couple, I can play Counterstrike: Source on very low at around 20- 30 fps, a little bit laggy im thinking about overclocking

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cool bro

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fucking gooks

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I'll bite.

>Infinity Ward

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I guess I got you niggas.

Now fuck off to some gay ass forum you cunts.

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i think inspire 4g is too big

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If you have to drag all that shit around with you why not just unplug your fucking desktop and lug that around

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try harder next time

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i had put about 90+ hours into my 360 version
and thats without the expansions.

but one day when i got home from school i saw that someone had broken into my studio apartment and stole everything that was worth money(including some shrooms i was growing)

since then i have moved to a better city and would really like to replay the game on the pc i bought a few months ago.
so far all i have been playing is css and bc2

i would really love something with a better story

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Try harder.

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That's the combo for the processor, case, memory, hdd, and psu.

Also 95% chance of trolling with that post. Try harder next time.

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I thought we just finished getting rid of your last troll thread.

ITT: Trying to hard.

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Sitrep! We got 1 troll down sir.

How does it feel to troll when no one cares you obvoiusly cant do what me and supertech do. Wheres your website? can you send me some command line code from a Linux based websever using only command line code....

Didnt think so

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You best be trolling.

If not, sorry about your asshole.

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>best OS
>steve jobs' bait
>well at least you successfully became a faggot.

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