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>They could have easily switched over to AMD for better perf/watt

>While AMD’s Zen3 still holds the leads in several workloads, we need to remind ourselves that this comes at a great cost in power consumption in the +49W range while the Apple M1 here is using 7-8W total device active power.

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Honest question, how did Apple do it?
Never mind laptop chips, apple has undeniably the fastest core even when compared to the latest 5950X and at almost 2GHz lower clock.

I mean I know it's a super wide core, but wide cores traditionally consume more energy, yet efficiency on M1 is on a league of its own.

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>3.2Ghz beating 4.9Ghz
If you want the best IPC in the world, you need an ARM computer.

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so much cheaper too than your gaymin ring.
imagine being able to take your 5950x tower and monitor to a coffee shop

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Stop the Ayyymd shilling

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