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>we are not your "bros".

Exactly. We are his "frens". ;)

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Soon, anon, soon

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That's not healthy anon, stahp it... start focusing that energy on bettering yourself. We'll all make it, just gotta try anon.

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None gives me (You)s when I make jokes like this.
Here you go, friend.

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Try stoicism or go full (optimistic) nihilist.

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you will get a job

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Don't give up OP.
You have two choices.
1. Be good enough to be remotely hired by an US company (I know Indians and Pakis who managed to do this, so it's not something that depends on where you're located. Also the Balkans are quite nice, I was there for holiday once)

2. Freelance, but don't go on UpWork or Freelancer. Those sites are the bottom of the barrel. Create a LinkedIn profile and network yourself to new offers. Reddit's /forhire and /freelance_forhire has a lot to offer too. If you don't know how to market yourself, read How To Win Friends and Influence People or/and Ca$hvertising. Those helped me when I was freelancing (I cracked 150K the second year, but a few 80 hour weeks were required). I'm not freelancing anymore now since I have my own agency. Good luck and don't let the socially retarded /g/nons destroy your dreams.

Web dev shit is in demand, especially Django (if you don't want to go into extremely oversaturated React/JS shit). Flutter's demand is growing. React Native's demand is huge (both mobile development).

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I have zero debt and like $200k USD in my retirement accounts so far. Fuck, I think I could actually move out somewhere rural as long as there is decent internet connection (or pay for satellite/a real cell data plan) to do my remote job.

Thanks for the /out/ link. I'll be researching tonight.

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Was there, you will be okay.

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i feel you fren

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Anons, what is your favorite /csg/ purchase?

Mine is i10 TWS

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Linux or win10?

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Interesting. The shoes just have to last 10 hours for the wedding day so we should be fine.

Most women spend hundreds on their wedding day shoes. These were $13 and it was her idea. That's why I'm marrying her.

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We all do, Anon.

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I bought things for myself so that I'll have some decent presents and I won't be disappointed when my family got me nothing I wanted, like the last 15 years. Yes, I wrapped them too.

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Post interview questions, answer interview questions and ask for help. Good resources;


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>be me
>trying out low level rust lib for ecdsa verification
>wondering why each time, a different `r` and `s` value comes out even though i am using the same keys
>think its a bug in the program
>go into very low level of the lib trying to figure out whats going wrong
>spend the last 8 hours doing this
>look up ecdsa on wikipidia
>turns out a random `k` value is generated each time for the scalar multiplaction

fucking hell. why do they not explain this shit in the documentation? i would not have this problem if i could have just gone to some decent uni but the fees are $30k a year.

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i am not looking for JVM. something more general/overview that talks of best practices on how to build a VM

any recommendations is appreciated

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>what is using FreeBSD

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>DT-880 just about acceptable
thanks friend

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ik brother ik

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