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Well I'm not pleased by it. My point however is that this is the female corporal insecurities taken to the extreme, an excellent indicator or representation if you will of the essence of that. Hence put it in a gallery to contemplate it. I have no problems with people doing outrageous things, personally I find everything deviant intriguing. You on the other hand seem to be very offended by the notion that females have issues and sometimes behave destructive and arguably repulsive.

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If Jamaica took gold, the world as we know it would never be the same again.

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I could already buy a car with what I've made.. Not gonna lie, I aim for a house. And I think I'll get there.

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Didn't the cyberworld shit themselves when Demonoid went down?
What about meganova?
What about when mininova when free stuff only?

Nothing will happen.

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Quit my job so I can become a railway conductor

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I thought this would be best to ask on this board.
I'm not really tech-savvy or anything, nothing compared to what you guys know. I've just received a Chromebook in exchange for my old laptop for Christmas, and I was wondering if it's good for anything else besides web browsing and apps for google.
I'd like to download things like BitTorrent so I can play my Windows games, but the Chromebook won't let me if it isn't "in the app store". How would I go about using this freakin thing?
Thanks a ton. Pic unrelated.

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>worst pony mark

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>EA games on Linux

Are we supposed to look forward to this?

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Word Processing Software

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I'm bored, it passes time.

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Because you want to connect more monitors than your card can handle?

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> At home ordering pizza
> "H-hi... I-i'd like t-to place an o-oorder please"
> "Umm, sure, can you key in your phone number so I can get your address up here?"
> "o...okay" *Key in phone number*
> "Oh it's you! I delivered to your place last week! Remember? Blond hair, short, I told you my car was having trouble and you took a look?"
> "Oh... h-haha, yeah"
> "You were right! I got my brother to change the plugs and it's been starting fine since! I'd totally have taken it into a shop and got screwed otherwise! Thank you so much!"
> "N-no problem haha"
> "So what are you ordering? Same as always?"
> "Y-yes please"
> "Medium Nice and Spicy with a large coke and sour cream dip?"
> "Sure thing! That will be £8.50! See you in 50 minutes!"
> OH GOD SHE'S COMING AGAIN. I only took a look at your car because I'm a nice guy and you asked forcefully please don't think I'm interested in you or anything you're pushy and intimidating and you might make fun of my nervous stutter again why can't the fat asian man deliver my pizza like normal why was the website offline so she had to recognize my voice and address oh god I'm not good at this"
> Pizza girl arrives
> Open door
> "HEY! Here's your pizza! That'll be £8.50!"
> Pay, take pizza, about to shut door
> "Hey wait! Whats your first name anyway?"
> "U-umm... I-It's J-James, but p--people at work call me J-Jim"
> "Oh! Well my name is Paula! and thanks again for the car thing!"
> "N-No problem"

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As far as I'm concerned this changes nothing, if the SOPA bill is passed then all of the conventional means of piracy go to the wall and we as a community will be forced to think up and impliment new ways in which to share.

Of course they will NEVER be able to close down darknets (or encrypted traffic VPN accessible file sharing means), as long as you know of a few and have accounts on them you're fine... of course Pay2Pirate might be the case for some of the better services out there.

Remember the days when people would pay up to £10 for a pirated DVD? Welcome back! Nerds making money again! In school my turnover was around £80 a week and I used to spend that on my ISDN (ooh! sounds quite primitive now right?) connection, upgrades, clothes and cigarettes! hell even teachers were buying DVDs, Music CD's, Books and DVD boxsets off of me, only teachers got a preferential rate so they wouldn't fuck up my game.

I miss school... if only for my "that girl who can get you anything within a week" status.

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As long as I get to dick around in the air, stick my dick in things when I land and there's new money in my bank account each month I'll take my orders from a 10 year old girl who stutters...

Actually, I'd prefer that, it would be the cutest thing ever.

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See, thats awesome.

When I was little my brothers and I were dicking around on top of an old roof at night, I fell through a skylight and hit a number of beams on my way down and split my head open pretty badly as well as having a huge chunk of glass lodged into my abdomen and thigh, a cracked rib, a broken pelvis, arm, wrist and leg and was in hospital for 2 months after surgery.

I shudder to thank what that medical bill would have been like if I was American.

God bless the NHS.
Putting humpty dumpty back together again since 1948.

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Nothing I can do right now. all of the estate agents are closed I've looked for a new apartment and expressed my interest in a few last night but it can take weeks to get a tenancy agreement drawn up. thus, more cats is required.

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Because although I have an American green card, I am in fact not American, I will pork your women, drink your Jack Daniels and eat your corn dogs, but that is because they are all delicious. I could care less about your economic, political and industrial situations.

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and you wonder why you'll never get laid...

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FedEX are great! well worth the money!, I asked for a 3 day delivery once and noted that ASAP would be preferable, got it in one, when the delivery guy delivered my package I needed a ride to a friends house 20 minutes away, I was cheeky enough to ask him if it was on his route and he was kind enough let me ride in his van! En route we talked about a dream I had the night before and he laughed and said "Better than my dream, I dreamed I was a sandwich, I woke up pretty hungry"

Then for shits and giggles he put me on his trolley and made my friend sign for me! shit was hilarious!

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