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I bought it from a fellow diver, I'm second owner, the watch had a hard life over the 20 odd years before i bought it.
Had to replace the case because it had some nasty gouges.
Also first service for the watch so there were a few worn parts.
Dial was perfect and no leaks, once it was serviced completely i bought a NOS case and bracelet I got a deal on and had the crystal replaced.
Rolex was kind enough to assist with it all and gave me re issue certificate when they put the serial on the new case.
The watch had a adventurous life and i plan to keep up the tradition
$2500 and i got a -2 sec per day rolex that i can use as my dive/adventure watch

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I dont think i have ever had one person notice i wear a rolex in the last half dozen years i have had it.

Luckily i didn't buy it to impress anyone, and my missus couldn't complain because she owns watches that cost just as much

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Why pay a shitload of money to never use something and baby it?
Granted i don't wear this while working on a car or gardening or chopping wood or cleaning.
But i wear it diving, hiking, flyfishing.
I bought it to be my bulletproof adventuring watch and fuck you for telling me what i can and cannot use my watch for.

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