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Very soon. What would they release this time?

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Has there been a bigger moment in tech history? Shivers everyt ime!


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I've been a hardcore PC user for as long as i can remember and obviously ive built pcs for gaming and things of that nature however as i get older i am finding that i really don't have the time or patience for tinkering with games and game settings and just want to play on my ps4 or switch or 360 or whatever. I've done all sorts of gaming and used all sorts of Linux distro's and although the UI and GUI are nice on Linux i really don't see any practicality in using the operating system. I just dont have the time or willpower to fuck around in a command line anymore. I will admit (although its probably a sin on this board) that i really enjoy the simplicity and design of apple products and they have been rather good with updates in the last couple of years as compared to earlier models of iphones, ipads etc. I have a perfectly working iphone SE i use alongside my LG phone as a music player. should i just get an older mac ? im sure ill get hate but honestly i dont really game anymore and have enough work cut out for me at various IT jobs these days anyways. so whats you're opinion /g/ ?

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>Year is 2020
>Necromancy is popular and people are reviving family members from the dead
>Apple is 90 days away from bankruptcy
>Tim Cook orders to revive Steve Jobs
>Steve Jobs gets revived
>Steve Jobs realizes Apple shat itself since 2012
>iPhones were horrible
>Macs were too expensive
>iPod was completely dead
>Steve Jobs votes Tim Cook out of the company
>Fires John Ives while he’s at it
>Completely redesigns iPhone and Mac to be more affordable before filing for bankruptcy
>1 week before bankruptcy he goes on stage at MacWorld
>”After looking at all the shit my company made in the past 9 years, the execs at Apple should’ve felt safe that I was 6 feet under”
>”Today we will be announcing 3 revised products”
>”New models of iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPhone.”
>”Now that Tim and John are gone we can finally focus on treating the customer like real customers!”
>macOS X 10.15 Sequoia
>Brings back the 3D visuals for their OS
>iOS 13
>”Gorgeous new look”
>”None of that flat looking bullshit”
>”I have next to no experience in Photoshop but I bet I can draw the iPhone Interface in less than ten minutes”
>Cross platform development
>Apps can run on both Mac and iPhone
>Brings back USB ports
>Brings back SD card support
>Brings back DisplayPort and HDMI Support
>Starts supporting gaming and VR
>Instead of talking about specs and numbers he shows off powerful software and demos
>Macworld audience gets nervous
>”iPhone 11? $499”
>Audience flips their shit for a solid 20 seconds
>”iMac 2020? $1,199”
>Audience visibly loosing their shit again
>”MacBook Pro? $999”
>Entire Computer industry shits themselves
>Announcing shipping dates, then walks off the stage
>Investors jump all over Apple
>Apple releases all the new products
>Apple narrowly avoids bankruptcy
>Steve hires trustworthy people then steps down
>Steve dies again peacefully
>Apple prospers for centuries as the forefront of innovative computers
If Only...

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Any product of picrelated

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How come this wasn't proven wrong yet? I'm starting to think that he may be right after all. What would be the point sticking with wangblows if you're looking for productivity? Same for the GNU/Linux OS. Apart from getting useless recognition on the internet, does it really benefits you in any way? Does it make you happier in your lives? I don't think so. Going through hours and hours of startpage searching just to ensure that your distro works correctly is a CHORE. And wangblows is even worse. Because except for gaymers(and even then they have to withstand being constantly interrupted by system updates) , there is no interest in owning a wangblows computer. On the other hand, for full fledged men with compelling duties and responsibilities, owning a Mac can be the best answer to your specific needs. Considering that we're now living through an Era of endless technology evolution, it's of your best interest to witness and being part of this progress with the best products and services available on the market. Luckily enough, the premium experience provided by Apple can cater to all your desires. May it be their top notch hardware and software, or their customer services renowned for it's ability to solve any issues in one instant.

Be smart, and invest in Apple.

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How do we make Apple the most valuable tech company again?

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You do own an iPhone and not a poordroid device, yes?
>he owns a lagdroid
Women laugh at you

Look at the perfection of the IOS on my phone.
I get all ladies, you poordroid user never see a vageen in your life

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New Macbook Air 2018 and iPad announced

Livestream: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/

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>It just works all you need to do is pay €1200

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>t. poorfag

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This is probably true. Obviously, given that the premium experience provided by their services (especially the customer service) is of the utmost value to their users.

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If Apple was a person, I would murder the shit out of them.

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Wrong picture

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Hypothetically, if Apple released MacOS (or whatever it's called nowdays) for all hardware and successfully killed off Windows do you think there would be a rise in Linux Development?

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I am wrapping my site with webview to make an android "app". Is there any legal and free way to do the same for these cunts? I don't have any of their products.

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Why dont they buy a bank or something like Goldman Sachs. Tech industry is dying mine as well leverage what they have to a more stable industry

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Is there a way to get around the guided access in apple devices?

Need to know if I can be sure that it works.

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A comfy thread for the best tech company
>What Apple products do you own?
>What Apple products do you plan on buying?

Androidfriends and Microsoftfriends are welcome as long as they're nice.

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