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My 3 year old MacBook is literally falling apart, and I need a new laptop. Should I switch to a PC? Part of me wants to, because I'm a broke ass college student who shouldn't spend more than $1000 on a computer, yet part of me doesn't want to go back. I love the giant trackpads on Macs, and honestly prefer OSX over Windows 8 at this point... What should I do?

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Alright /g/, I've got a client who is looking for an unusually and unnecessarily high end laptop and I am at a loss. So this guy wants a laptop with a literal shit-ton of RAM. He wants 128GB minimum, and would like 512GB if possible. The only thing I could think of was Getac, but without contacting them, I don't see anything that would allow that rum RAM, I was hoping their X500 Server would have pretty high limits, but it's actually pretty standard. I just have no idea where to turn, and I don't want to have to tell him the only option is custom manufacturing something like a home-brew briefcase computer.

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