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What's the cheapest video card that will get me 30fps in current day games? Particularly the new Ass Creed: Black Flag. My current card I purchased in 2007 and it gets about 2fps in that game. I can't deal with this anymore, but I can't afford to drop $600 on the newest shit either. Need something to hold me over until I save enough money for my Oculus Rift build.

Picture unrelated.

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Hello /g/. I got a new computer and need to get anti virus for it. Would any of you know some of the best anti virus software I can get? Thanks

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And around in circles we go, try a different strategy. I've seen them all.

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Hello my /g/ friends, I have a question. What is generally the best free image editing application for Windows?

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So /g/ I am one of those retarded as fuck people who have no idea what they are doing.

I recently got hold of a i7 2600k for free because my friend somehow obtained 5 of them and he gave me one of them. (He stole them from the microcenter when before he quit)

No idea what will happen to him if gets caught.

Anyhow I have a shitty Dell Inc. 0T568R mobo. I know the socket will fit, but what I want to know is if I am doing completely bottlenecking my computer.

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