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jordini - nobody really cares what you think anyway, so go for it.
obviously needing a bit of attention stealing someone else's insults now.
why don't you make your standard troll thread? or have you done that this session already?

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Unity is fine, sure you ricer faggots miss a lack of ricing options but most Linux users want functionality & simplicity out of the box & that's what we have. 11.10 is stable & effective. It's also popular, market share ins increasing. That's what makes developers happy, sure they had to piss off a few autistic neckbeards but hey you guys have xubuntu, or gentoo, arch, bsd, whatever.
Seriously tired of hearing fags whine about Unity, get over it already.

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>You're not particularly good at this, are you?
neither are you

you can lead a horse to water, but the rest is still up to the horse

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Are you trolling me macfag?

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