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I don't know if it was bios issues again, but I remember Zen 1000 performed worse on 4 sticks
something about IF or timing or board tracks just couldn't handle it or something

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They can still fucking report you.
If someone clicks on a link that says
they quite literally deserve their shit.

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wanted to start one but how large would a loli eromanga collection even be

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is there an anime database of this?

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>AB350M PRO4 does not have LLC and the drop is like 0.6v
>ANUS B350M-A has only 1 x8 slot
anyone have experience with MSI or Gigabyte mATX boards or that one ANUS TUF B350 mATX board?
just need 2 x8 slots and LLC

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how much do writers go for nowadays?
I'm tossing up between just getting more drives or getting a writer and backing everything hard

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I'm not sure if it's a limitation on the 3.5GB limit or not and if I should be getting more performance on what the card was advertised for

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it'd be crazy if B350s really are still compatible

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is KingDian really the best chink solidshit?
not Goldenfir, KingSpec, KingFast, Faspeed, Hually, Fastdisk, Goldendisk, Kingrich or Gloway
or should I get something from Newegg like Team Group, Mushkin or Silicon Power?

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still nothing from AMD about a Ryzen 1 refresh?

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need a just about ambidextrous mouse with 2 side buttons, currently looking at:
>SteelSeries Rival 100, SDNS-3059-SS, 2+0 side buttons
>Roccat Kiro, ADNS-A3050, customizable (0-2)+(0-2) buttons
>Cougar 450m, PMW-3310, 2+2 side buttons
>Fnatic Flick, PMW-3310, 2+0 side buttons
>SteelSeries Sensei Raw, small accel (laser) ADNS-9500, 2+2 side buttons
>Cougar 400m, ADNS-3090, 2+2 side buttons
>Zowie FK (flat), ADNS-3310, 2+2 side buttons
>Zowie ZA (rise), ADNS-3310, 2+2 side buttons
>Nixeus Revel, PMW-3360, 2+0 side buttons

what recommend for no acceleration? (or anything ambidex & 2 buttons not on list)

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Redpill me on motherboards /pcbg/.

The budget build I'm making uses a G4560 and will run fine on a board from h110 to b250, but if i want an upgrade path is it better buy a b350 board now for $30 more?
Is the b350 needed for Ryzen or is it just for overclocking?

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unless of course it's your maternal grandmother.

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>Have an old laptop my mom bought me back in 2008-9
>Has gotten slow, battery is dead, needs charger just to stay on (i'm gonna buy a battery for it)
Will formatting the drive help the speed? I also want to keep Win7 though, so if I clean up the drive will it also remove Win7? If it does, would I be able to atleast install some version of linux on it even though it's pretty much a void?

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>all or nothing
>marry me or it's over
>it's over
>all or nothing

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>friendly to new folk

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Okay /g/, give me 3 good reasons why I should get a VPN. I'll wait.

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When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness?
When does a difference engine become the search for truth?
When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote of a soul?

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Why does /g/ never invent any dank memes? I come from /tv/ where there's multiple new memes daily and everyone just laughs and has fun. /g/ seems to just call each other faggots and argue. Your thoughts?

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a Q10 if you want a smartphone that gets the shit done, an awesome keyboard, lagless OS, and of course if you don't care about muh flappy bird appsticles.

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how about a decent cellphone battery that can last for more than half a day.

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>Newsground logo

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>mfw when replacing stock HDD with a beautiful WD Scorpio Black.

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