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BM800 Thread. Other Chinkmics welcome too.

Share your experiences, hacks and buying tips about the bm800 here.

I've got mine from a friend who wanted to hack it but failed.

Seemed like an obvious fake. The housing was plastic (instead of zinc) and it sounded like shit. It finally stopped working when I fed it phantom power for the first time.

Anyway, I know how great they can sound (especially with mods) and that there are real ones out there for about 15 - 20$ or 20 -25$ with a scissor arm.

Looking forward to buy one, if I can be sure not to get another fake.

(Not related, but this is the first time I have the courage to post on /g/, s-so please be gentle s-senpai!)

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What microphone does /g/ use?

Is this chink shit microphone any good? Found it recommended at few places because it's under $20 and is generic...

Anyway, show off your microphone and your setup!

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Might just get this instead.
coupled with these

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