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What would be a good upgrade from a 290x? I'm trying to keep it under $400 USD but I could go a little higher if need be. I'm gaymen with a 1080p 144hz monitor.

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Honest dumbass question thread

What do you do with linux?
How do you customize it?
Is it all threw bash?
Do i do most shit threw bash or can u use C? C++? Phython? Javascript???

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> Its a damn shame we don't have this any longer

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/*When Guys Code*/
float Q_rsqrt( float number)
long i;
Float x2, y;
const float threehalfs = 1.5F;
x2 = number * 0.5F;
y = number;
i = 0x5f3759df - (i>> 1);
y = *(float*) &i;
y = y * (threehalfs - ( x2 * y * y));
return y;

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>No more restrictions on the internet
Tom Wheeler is no longer in charge at the FCC and the first thing Pai and O'Reilly are going to do is get rid of Net Neutrality.

We're all still fucked you fucking trumper retard.

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This would be better on /v/.

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I know this sound Pajeet as fuck. But...
Have you tried turning off then back on again by any chance OP?

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Turn on most people's PC. Open chrome go to settings//advanced settings, go to password and forms, Manage passwords. Done I have everyone of their saved passwords. Fortunately most people use chrome and save most of their social media/ banking details. It's always easier in person.

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See? derailed.
I'm out.

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>nigger, my twitter is behind 7 subreddits

Also the readme file say to run ./PyMarkovChain, not like anybody actually reads it.

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sorry i didn't know... don't v& me, sir

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But then you gotta pay sales tax

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>mfw I still had Sage as my name

Like I said, uni with no money. Though it would be something I would love to work on as a hobby once I'm graduated and have a job. The big issue is copyright and intellectual property law. Unless I can get permission to store the data from the owners I would be shut down fast. Could probably make a deal where I store the data and make it read only, not copy able, so that people can still benefit from it while the companies can rest assured that the archive would not be a source of proliferation.

An idea for a non-profit that I will hold close to me until I can act upon it in the future.

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got a boner, am i fag now?

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How resource heavy is linux based OS'? I inherited an older laptop, Phenom 2 era, and I would like to try to learn some other OS besides Windows.

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>23.2 TB

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How do I make images with "transparent backgrounds like his?

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>he thinks analogies can't be made from speculation and theories written by an author more than twenty years ago

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>windows rt, android,iOS tablets


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What is a recommended programming language for a beginner to learn? I already know a bit of Python, but I'm not sure if I should go further into it. Also, how do I motivate myself to learn? I have a hard time sticking to something for longer than a week.

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