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That was a joke. I like to think one achieves enlightenment by virtue. It is certainly not achieved by drinking or material possessions

A sense of self helps, which I think it the base of problems for most young people, a lot of problems from lacking one

I recall someone having to chase around a bit for parts, how much? The discounted price might not be worth the hassle of chasing around for the parts. If worse comes to worse and money isn't a problem you could buy other working movement and get the parts from it

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Turns out I'm just a drunkard and was spinning the crown the wrong way when I was trying to set the date on my sarb

I did take my seiko lm special to the watch maker as well while I was at it. $65 Australian for a service seems a bit cheap

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I'm everybody's favourite name fag. You'll know who. Hung the boot ups on these threads. So I stopped naming

But yeah, it's perfectly possible. I'm not sure how much you are into watches but a decent watch box will literally last forever, you could give it to your kids

The glass is replaceable for pretty cheap

I'd probably bite the bullet, pay a bit extra and get one from a brick and mortar store, you could judge the quality then. Guess you'd be supporting the local economy as well


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Too many digital watches

You're grandparents didn't suffer through years of poverty and arduous journeys to prosperous lands to have there grandchildren wearing digital watches and posting on a Venezuelan prostate massage forum

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