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I have this keyboard. Bought it, after a month or so, lights started fading and just not working on some keys. Complained about it, they sent me a new one. Now two years later, I have 13 keys left that still light up.

Keyboard in it self is pretty good, though i do regret buying with blue switches

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Bought this mechanical keyboard cm storm rapid i. This is my first mechanical keyboard. I've looked at what /mkg/ reccommends but when i look up if they're in the netherlands they are not available or like 50$ shipping. Is this a good choice for 110$? I could replace the keycaps

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I have the Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid-i 60% keyboard w/ red Cherry MX switches. Really satisfied.

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Waiting for my CM to arrive
I have to use this annoying plastic trust keyboard for now. Hopefully I get it soon.

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