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>What did they mean by this?
It means Zen was too fast for its own good and had to be taken care of.

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Bought a Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 in a flash sale, it just shipped out
>payed €200
>chose DHL expedited shipping
>it was free

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By putting their money to work for them. Invest in things to get a return. The amount of return you can get depends on how much risk you want to front in achieving said return. Risk and reward have a close relationship.

I think you should also take a step back and realize how many phony rich people there are. I've lived in south orange county CA, and I met tons of phonies, and some legit ultra wealthy people. The phonies often flash their wealth and are assholes to those they see beneath them. They lease and rent everything - cars, houses, condos, boats, etc. They most likely have a good chunk of credit card debt going too. They make mid-$100k's and think they're fabulously wealthy. They have little to no assets, and when the market takes a shit, they have no buffer. They have to give up their extravagant lifestyles.

The richest man I've met was a top exec at an aerospace company. Ex-g/f's friend was his grandson, and we went to his house for a grad party. His house was on top of the hill in Laguna Hills; 4 stories tall on the hillside, had a wine cellar, chapel, observatory, half dome fresco with chandelier and double rot iron and marble stair cases in foyer, 3 kitchens, staffed, and much more. The man drove an old Mercedes E class and wore a simple suit. He was incredibly humble and warm. No gaudy jewelry, fake tans, or top brand name clothes.

Another ex's dad was the CIO of Dollar Tree. He lived in a nice home and drove around in a VW Golf. He wore simple clothes. Kind and gentle. He's retired now and just bought himself an old 1973 911 Porsche, and it's his dream car.

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>rent a powerline for 4€ a month from my provider
>realise that I got tricked into renting this shit, when I could simply buy one for cheaper
>call provider-hotline
>tell them I want to send it back
>"we have no rented powerline in our system. you probably bought yours"
>check my bills later

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Oh i've been watching these babies for quite a long while.

Sweephand has a pretty nice post on them, explaining all the various variants. I somewhat regret not bidding on the electric blue dialed 7803 since it went for fucking pennies.

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>tfw when you've finally sold your spare LM special
>tfw when the price of the SRP773 is dropping rapidly

The Khaki mechanical is pretty well accepted, the automatic version is alright too but still has the inherent issue that the ETA 2824 suffers from.

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now i can save my 10 watt hours of energy when I charge my phone and save my 0.005$

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You get what you deserve.

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>expect the unexpected
Any word on how it happened yet?

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top kek

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>who the fuck even texts or calls people anymore?

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Who else here is going to stop all their wcd torrents seeding (except for ones they uploaded) for the duration of the potential neutral leech. I'll snatch the stuff I want and immediately stop them seeding too.

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>Buy Spyro trilogy
>Advertised as black label
>All platinum edition when they arrive
>Seller agrees to send items advertised, probably was just tagging with buzz words and didn't realise black label literally meant the games had black labels
>Tfw 2 copies of Spyro 1, 2 and 3

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So I have a life time warranty on my zotac video card, I was going to upgrade on black friday, but it always served me well so I bought a phone instead. Day after black friday it happens
>The artifacts appear.
So I email these guys, thinking oh lucky me I was a sucker and bought a life time warranty!
>Sorry, we no longer provide warranties for that card as we no longer produce them.
My response
>Sorry, I had no idea your company relocated to israel! My mistake.
>Contact trustee TigerDirect, daddy hooks me up with a new card for same price I purchased this one 5 years ago.
>Hello gtx 760
Good ol' TigerDirect, where would I be with out you?

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