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> 3 years of C/C++ in highschool
> 1 year of prolog and haskell
> math was best in country
> highschool actually based
> linked lists [email protected]
> doing CS degree, don't even feel it easymode.jpg
> learned python for the data science meme
> write anything i need in based C and assembler

> also learned gnu/linux
> read sysadmin books
> read shell scripting books
> actually write great scripts
> automate everything
> installed gentoo but don't care about compiling everything
> use any distro, don't really care about distro

> sysadmin jobs are easymoney.png (linux and network sysadmin, pajeet windows helpdesk is not sysadmin)
> realize I might not care about writing software for consumers <---- important
> sysadmins are based
> software developers are often wagecucks
> would keep writing software for myself and my needs

For the longest time I believed in the buzzword memes, but I keep getting the feeling I want to stick with based C (maybe embedded development?) and sysadmins (maximum /comfy). What do /g?

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Books and tutorials.
Always wanted to have a library like this all to myself. Digital form it is.

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