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>tfw you nakadashi liru

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>tfw fell for the mechanical keyboard meme

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>fell for muh freedums meme
>tried to convert parents
>they were willing to try it
>did this for a year
>constantly getting calls to help them with every tiny little task
>finally had it
>trash all of it

>buy them both surface pros and lumia 950s
>buy them full year of onedrive
>sign them up for full botnet experience
>lumia has all their social media app shit that's all they ever use
>they don't care that the small handful of subnet calculator apps on microsoft store are crap
>all their photos/docs synced across all their devices
>all their text messages/emails/calendar synced across both windows phone and surface
>they can access anything from anywhere with their microsoft acct
>i'm literally crying tears at how beautifully it all works together

Fuck freedums, my parents literally don't give a shit and they're better off for it. Who the fuck cares where they go on vacation and what flowers they planted in the garden?

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>tfw you live to see the birth of a meme

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There is literally nothing wrong with being gay. I think you should go back to /pol/ in fact, even /pol/ is pretty gay.

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