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Well met! Given the level of discussions over the past few days, I can understand not seeing you around for a while.

I still think (regarding Maddox) that if he didn't say anything, the grail would still be reasonably affordable today. Like any number of the random combinations of watches that these companies produced back then that lasted for a year and then vanished.

But, it cannot be undone. How's it running?

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Thanks, so am I.
Regarding the memes; I did briefly see an Easter competition of sorts about the eggs, but that seemed to dominate everything for a few days. The fat hand has been replaced by various digital watches of varying quality and finish...and still sadly nothing has convinced me on the aesthetic attractiveness of the Seikos (except that one vintage one that has the beautifully tapered hands). All in all, it's nice to get back to the routine.

How are you?

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In terms of function, yes, I agree. I simply prefer the aesthetics of the older version. Yours has the benefit of having the month, which the older version doesn't have. However I've never been happy with the dimensions of the case....I've tried it on quite a number of times, and it always looks weird on my wrist.

Wear yours in good health, racingAnon....others on this forum might not like this watch for it's hazards in servicing and whatnot, but I appreciate your love of it...I shared that love for a while myself.

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A holy grail Speedmaster and as many mint condition vintage Grand Seikos and King Seikos as I could find in pawn shops in Tokyo in good condition.

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I'd either vote for the original Heuer Carrera or the Omega Speedmaster moonwatch with the Lemania 5100 (aka the holy grail) as the best chronograph designs.

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All these posts and still no justification for not ponying up for a holy grail speedy.

(Moonwatch case with a Lemania 5100 for those who don't know).

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