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Well, the Rolex submariner got its design from the Blancpian 50 fathoms

The design for these watches are strictly serving a purpose for diving, so they are all pretty similar. Coin edged bezel for grip while use
Roating bezel with lume pip for dive timing
Black dial with large white indicies for legibility
Large hands covered in lume for legibility

Vostok are pretty much the only company to come up with an original diver design

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An Aussie anon posted this Raketa in the last thread, does anyone have a model number for it? Also, best place to buy Ruskie/Raketa/Vostocks?

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I've bought used clothes before, nothing to worry about Mayne. Just like any concerns with clothing you need to check it out (usually via photo) before you buy it. A mechanical watch will literally last forever, don't worry, here is my Slav watch

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Have a look at the archive. It was probably a Slava

Have a look at poljot and raketa. Here is my raketa I got for like $35

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What Slav watches do you guys have?

I was heaps surprised by the quality of mine

It ticks so god damn loud though

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I don't have pretty watches, I've got a few petty ones though

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Hi, I am the poster who frequently goes under the pseudonym JosefStalin. I'm 20 years old and struggle to maintain steady employment, with my measly pay cheques I fund several low end watch purchases and bouts of binge drinking

Here is a picture of one of these watches

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