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I mainly use my X200 and T430 now, running OpenBox on them all.

Don't project your own insecurities, many of us have wives and girlfriends.

Based. Specs?

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At least get a SFF... Much cheaper, and you can actually change around some parts in it. Very easy to run me_cleaner on as well.

T430 also has onboard USB 3.0.

Hmmm, doesn't seem to work on my X200. Claims invalid arguments. I'll have to mess around with this!

Did you save the clip? If so, use some epoxy and put that shit back on!

Based. I hope you're running me_cleaner as well.

Compton works well for me in OpenBox.

>doesn't know how to disable non-free and contrib repos before installing

X200? You can get those for like $10 on ebay. I have two and sit and collect dust.

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Try the keyboard it comes with. If you don't like it, do the mod. It's really not a difficult thing to accomplish. Install a modded EC from a bootable image, cut a few tabs, and tape a couple contacts. Just werks.

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t. brainlet



Hell yeah. I finally "upgraded" to a phone with wireless hotspot capabilities. I was going around town like Richard Stallman with my Thinkpad all day, my wife kept telling me to leave it in the car. :T

Mmmm, that's tough. but I'd probably go for the guaranteed p8600 one. You do NOT want a L940, you might as well carry around a calculator. The included storage is irrelevant, you should replace it immediately because it's likely very old and used. Upgrade everything else however you like, these machines are comfy with 8GB of RAM.

Do you keep your battery on charge for long periods of time? The cells in general might just be pretty old, 3.5 hours is pretty weak. My T430 lasts 7-8 hours with it's 99% capacity 9Cell, even with the powerhouse CPU in it.

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>>order new fan part
The X200 fan can easily be taken apart and re-greased if it becomes noisy. Had to do it a few months ago.

>>order new battery
Shoulda did the battery recall. I have four brand new ones from it! 8+ hours each!

>>order x220 to replace it
Wew cringe. Shoulda checked logs, there's too many things that would cause that kind of issue. Are you running Libreboot with updated microcode?

Ask swiftgeek on freenode's #libreboot, tell him "that guy that likes awoo" sent you, he'll understand.

But I have!

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Just install Coreboot and set a grub background.

Wat? How so? Other than the keyboard they're basically identical. Don't tell me you don't know how to replace a keyboard!

I wouldn't even recommend any modern Lelnono laptops, they're cheap and consist entirely of plastic clips and soldered everything. I'd look at whatever Dell or maybe Panasonic are doing. You can always get a more modern fully-rugged Toughbook for a crazy amount of money, and those things are fucking awesome (And don't use soldered RAM!).

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Well that depends entirely on what you want to do with it and your skillset. You can easily get a XX00 series Thinkpad for $50 or less and have a nice Librebooted machine in no time. Add another $100 for ram and storage and you'd be set, assuming you already have something you can program over SPI with.

If you want something maybe a little less secure, but much more powerful, you can grab a XX20/30 machine for under that $90 price point, but lacking maybe RAM and storage of course. Again, spend that extra $100 and you can put a SSD and RAM into it and make it work fine.

Or you can go all-out and blow a fat stack of cash by replacing almost everything on the machine to make it as close to "new" as possible, and deck out the specs. That's what I usually end up doing on my machines, prices would vary immensely in that scenario. Up to you how far you want to go.

You can find great deals on ebay by searching up "Thinkpad XXXX no" for machines with no RAM or storage, or "Thinkpad XXXX lock" for devices locked with a BIOS password. Assuming you're going to install Libreboot or Coreboot, there's no reason to give a shit about a password on the vendor BIOS.

Pic related. All of these base machines were obtained for under $60... That is, until I spent way too much making them pretty. Also, sorry for the Reddit spacing!

Yeah I can't speak on the subject being in my position, my bad for jumping to conclusions.

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Hello /tpg/, happy April fools. Reposting thinkfamily.

Fun stuff! Couldn't help with that programmer specifically, but if it supports soic8/16 chips then I don't see any reason why you couldn't match the pins on the programmer to the clip and get it done.


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Hey /tpg/, I took a picture of my new Think family.

Yep, you just need a device you can flash over SPI with, like a raspberry pi or a BBB.

Haha, no.

This, even though you can put a X200 palmrest onto a X201.

X60 and X200 are equally proprietary with Libreboot flashed.

They're cheap and I can program what they do almost from top to bottom with Coreboot. Hard to find other devices like that, especially more modern ones.

Because it's a shitty nu-pad and an E-series (The "E" stands for drop-and-Explode).

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