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>It has gotten lots of incompetent normies into """programming""" and now they are trying to shove it down everyone's throat, including fucking embedded shit like microcontrollers
>It's dynamically typed and hence complete cancer, because you can't tell whether something is an object, a primitive type or a function
>Because it's dynamically typed, passing arguments is a huge pain in the ass, since you can't know what type of variable you have to pass to make the function work! If you're writing a library, you have to use "type hints"??? WTF?
>"Pythonic" code is a bad joke where you write so fucking much in so few lines that it takes years to read somebody else's work. Compare it with something more verbose like Java or C++ where you can get an idea of someone's code after skimming through it a couple of times
>It uses fucking INDENTATION to denote nesting, because braces were "too ugly". So now if you want to rewrite your code to look a little bit differently, well turns out, YOU CAN'T! You have this shit shoved down your throat
>It won't fucking run if you mix tabs and spaces, because it's too fucking hard for the interpreter to sort it out
>The fucking 2.7 vs 3 debacle, which happened 10 YEARS AGO and people are STILL arguing on whether "print" is a statement or method
>no multithreading, use multiprocessing instead, even though it's 2 times harder to debug, makes your program use enormous amounts of memory, and you can't pass anything that's not picklable (such as lambdas)
>the import system is retarded and loves to shit itself
>community is retarded and every answer to any question you ask is bound to contain something about muh pythonic or muh dick typing
>libraries don't even use type hints so that you have to read their shitty docs, and worst of all, use magic strings as parameters instead of enums or anything else which is sane
>the community has accepted bad libraries as the gold standard (e.g. pandas, matplotlib) so nobody tries to make anything better

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Fuck that
I didn't need to suck a company's dick by giving free labor just to work for them at a shit tier starting salary.

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