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Mine worked for a total of six months. This most recent one had a bent LGA pin and when I looked at the USB 3.0 plug I noticed that half the pins looked like someone had ripped it out sideways. It's pretty fucking sad. Hopefully my i7 won't be destroyed through some fucking mishap.

Also how is Yotsuba&! as a manga? Only ever read a certain doujin of it :^

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I can't speak for everyone but I'd say you're wrong. It's really not all that hard to keep your keyboard clean so long as you're not a complete slob. Some people don't eat at their computer, but once again so long as you're not a child you should be able to eat cleanly. Most people here seem to clean their keyboard(s) often enough to wipe out all the nasty shit. Personally I usually hit it with canned air once a day and then clean it out at the end of the month so it doesn't get too disgusting.

Horrifying. I hate using moisturizer normally, but I can't imagine using it then clacking away on a keyboard. Gives me the chills.

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Yeah but if I had a spare PC I couldn't sit on the couch and watch movies while shit posting.

I wish I had never called you out on having a shit keyboard.

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At least my AR got some fresh air today, though it was only for 30 seconds before it was inside a shop ready to be worked on.

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