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>No ragrets

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>so who knows
Yeah fair enough.

Hah, this is maybe slightly irrelevant, but I just thought of something else.

The voyager satellite.

It's definitely still doing the same shit, running on the same technology.

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will a dv6000 stock hard drive work with a ipod classic?

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>Literally fishing for sexting teenagers

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usb > PS/2 > DIN

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Hey guys, is there a script to automatically download all videos from specific Youtube channels?

pic unrelated

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Looking to buy a pc. I have about 500 dollars. please help

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Superlux 681s
Kitsound KSDJs
Sennheiser HD201s.

Or suggest something similar for a similar or slightly lower price.

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Alright /g/.

I've noticed a lot of smartphone threads, but I need some help regarding some "dumbphones"

Recently my phone was stolen and I need to buy another.

Anyone know a good cheap phone carrier in the US? Pre-paid or not, I just need something with a phenomenal battery life and a cheap bill.

Picture unrelated.

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/g/ I have a networking question for you.

Currently, because my family lives in the boonies, we do not have a cable box so can't get our own internet. However, our neighbor across the street has a box, and comcast, and we pay half the bill so we could setup a wireless G router at either house to share the connection. It works like shit, frankly. I recently got ahold of an N router and was wondering, how much would it boost the connection strength if I switched out the G router at our house in favor of my N?

Pic unrelated.

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Looking for a 3.5" Sata external enclosure that doesn't suck. Any recommendations?

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got a navman icn 520 unlocked. need some new gps software for it. (totom or other gps software) any ideas where i can get it ?

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GUYS halp, i cant figure out this problem?!?!

how do i download the internet on to my computer?!?!?!

<-----pic not related

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Quick question /g/

I have my current hard drive running windows vista.

I found another hard drive and I know it had XP on it.

If I installed the second one into my computer, would it work? Two hard drives, two OS's installed? The Vista one would be the bootable one.

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can i post javascript on /g/?

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requesting help, dumping stuff you probably don't care about...

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This is not copypasta, nor is it OC.

The ACTA is a threat to our internets. Join us to help. I will be on in the IRC channel for the next half hour. That is all. In return, the moonwalk.


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