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If you want an Android phone that's very well built, well-designed, has good battery life and has extremely polished, stable, solid software, why didn't you buy an HTC One M8?

It doesn't take the best pictures, but they're really good in everyday use

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I want a new phone that is decent, runs stock Android and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I was going to buy this but now I guess my only choice is the new Moto G? It's a massive downgrade but at least it's not 6"

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Apple's Macs have outperformed the PC industry for 6 years in a row, every single quarter.
Last quarter they had growth of 19% while PC sales collapsed.
Even when their Mac sales declined earlier in 2013 for some quarters, it was still a much smaller decline than the rest of the PC industry's.

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The Moto G and Moto X had an unparalleled in-hand feel that no other Android device has.
They were truly the only phones that could be considered iPhone alternatives.

Not to mention that Motorola was one of the very few Android vendors who did not outright cheat on benchmarks.
Also, the Moto X went for a dual core, and ended up outperforming Samsung's quad core crap because it wasn't thermally bound. And its new filesystem dramatically helped Android's weak spot, NAND performance.

They were the only Android company even trying. And now it's over.

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Android hasn't changed much since 4.0

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>that kid taking it seriously, knocking pieces around

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Who cares

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