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For real though, isn't it embarrassing to be seen with an iPhone in public? I always had to hide my 7 plus my parents got me on a lease whenever I went outside. Checking for calls/ texts was a nightmare.

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>mac: 19.7x19.7x3.6: 1397.124
>nuc: 22.1x14.2.3.9: 1223.898

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This but it's amazing how we're all still poor desu. Life could go something like this, even assuming minimum wage:

Married couple gross income: ~28K

Housing monthly expenses:
30 year 250K house mortgage with 50K downpayment: ~1K
Bills + property tax: ~0.5K

They practically pay no income taxes and even get a couple grand at the end of the year in tax returns for being poor. Now just add in a couple of renters to the house and you basically only spend 0.5K in housing expenses and have almost $2,000 for food, savings, car expenses, ect with probably free medicaid. What do the poor do instead? They have 3 different credit card bills with $100 minimums EACH, $500 luxury car loans EACH, $40 luxury phone leases EACH, ect ect.

Anyway as someone who grew up with poor parents it wasn't their income that made us poor it was their ineptitude with dealing with money. Poor people I guess in the end are stupid as shit which is why they stay poor until they die.

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Since all of this is a train wreck, I might as well.

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