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Any alternatives to TOR for setting up an untraceable (s)FTP server on the net?

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I'll just get a used 1070 for maximum cool but decent 1080p ultra/1440p medium perf for 150 bux i guess

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I need an old thinkpad that supports windows 95
T43 is not old enough. I need it to have a docking station for parallel port etc. Suggestions?

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>an audit of the script just doesn't show anything like that.
any metadata on that file ? I mean the headers when you GET it. Knowing which server version, last modified, cache options, and all that bunch of information could be useful, NSA told me.

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What did anon mean by this?

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Ahh yes. Those were the days. And alt.cyberpunk was the hottest of the hot.

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>finally free from the glow in the dark CIA niggers
It's for the best, isn't it?

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Hello /g/, retard here. What do I with my old Galaxy J3 Prime? Is it worth it to repair the screen to this device? What use do I have for this piece of shit?

Damages - Glass and display both busted. Edges a bit rough but besides that 100% fine in terms of internals and shit.

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Bearers of bad news are traditionally killed. And very, very few in the entire history of humanity has borne worse news than he did.

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I wonder if the rest of FAANG, and Yahoo back then, are doing this.

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It's a workplace screen, so I'm looking straight at it by default. However even as I tested it right, it seems forgiving up to 20 degrees before contrast fuckery starts. Not regretting it for some degrees though. Though I admit OP may consider it if he wants to use it from really all angles.

It's a good tool for actually important people to leave short information to their following. It just gets ridiculous due to shit load of nobodies thinking they're one of the important ones.

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Tis time

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Been off /sec/ since last summer

What'd I miss

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>no replies

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A thread died for this

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Neither. Refracta

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The /cyb/ thread was always low energy as far as I can remember.
I liked the old OP and geocities site the most, too bad they aren't being used anymore.

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Let's say I have 1 month to get good with a language so I can get a job.

I currently have:
>Very good python
>Very good SQL
>A little C (Up to chapter 3 of K&R, built some basic gameboy games with it)

If I have a month, and I want to go for software engineering jobs, do I:
>Double down on C and hope that's enough to show I can program
>Switch to C++/Java/C# and hammer that for a month (and if so, which one)

I know it's retarded, but if it had to be done, which would you do?

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>use SQL regularly at work
>think I'm good with it
>apply for job, they give SQL test
>first question easy
>second question to do with partitioning tables to get the difference between the max and second-to-max values in column B for each unique value of a column A
>mfw I realise I don't know shit about SQL

How do I git gud?

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/pcbg/ - PC Building General
Not actually an anime edition.

>Assemble your parts list with price comparisons by vendor and compatibility filter.

>Have a budget, but don't know where to start? This will recommend you a parts list based on price.

>General build advice including chipset compatibility, power supply advice, Windows activation information.

>Information about how to assemble a PC, how to select components, etc.

Post your component list, rate other anons', ask questions in general.

Always state the purpose of your PC, your budget, AND YOUR COUNTRY if outside the USA. If you are asking for improvements, clarify whether you want to lower price, or improve specs or build quality.

If you see any other build advice or part list threads, please politely direct them here.

Last one here: >>56702705

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Which will be more likely to get me a job? C#/.net and SQL or Java and SQL?

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Yeah I figured I'd need to learn C at some point if I was going to get any kind of deeper knowledge.

My current role is kind of like a business analyst with some python scripting (scrapers, automating shit, using APIs, etc), but I'd love to get deeper into it, just a bit lost on where to go next role-wise, as I don't have enough experience for a full engineering role

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>tfw you will never ever have a gf to cuddle with

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