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Thanks man. To be honest, I prefer it this way, but I really like how SA feels like. I guess I need a second board.

Is there some 60% Alps pcb that supports underglow?

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You can do an ISO-ANSI mix you know?
If it comes down to these three I'd get the Code over the Das and Razer comes last.
Razer has that retarded bottom-row. It makes a keyboard that could in theory be a lifetime companion a throw away product
Das are assholes, reduced quality with every newer keyboard, while maintaining the price
Code is pretty good. I'd get that if possible, or a WASD. Just not with clears, since they are reported to ping when using clears and I'm freaking allergic to pinging.
Are you in Burgerland? Then a Ganss would be a nice idea as well.

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Is the guy with his custom 60% AEKII around? I'd need some advice on the plate please. I'm a bit confused, when using the CAD generator all I get are those long, platemount stabi-cutouts for the spacebar. But I'd need them to be smaller like the ones of the AEK, or is there a place where I can buy those seperately (with ok shipping to EU)?

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