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Did you just parse ls output?

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The stand doesn't even come with an adapter to hook the fucking 5000$ monitor into the 1000$ stand, you need a 200$ adapter for it wtf are they doing?

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>>newer models don't have microSD slots
Being the only provider with a 10" model < $300 kills me.

Text books, especially technical ones flow like crap on smaller screens. The only readers that are 10" and let you carry around the library of Alexandria are $500+

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>The Source Mage tagline is: "Linux so advanced, it may as well be magic.". Basic terminology is similarly magic-oriented. Program packages are called spells, and a collection of spells is called a Grimoire. All installed grimoires likewise make up the Codex.
>Installing a spell is called "casting", and removing it is called "dispelling". Such terms are not only figures of speech, though: cast and dispel are also the programs used to perform the said tasks.
hahahah no

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>supposedly you have to recompile the kernel every time there's a problem
>and yet I never had to do this, even when I used Arch
What the fuck are you guys doing that screws up the computer so bad to the point where you have to do this? Or is this just an exaggeration to discredit Linux?

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>Caring about screen on a laptop

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>if (x == true) {return true;} else {return false}

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>my PC has been off for no more than 2 hours the past 8 months

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>there is people ITT who believe "hacking" amounts to typing 1337 komandz in the terminal
No, you retards. Unless they're targeting a previosuly infected machine or a machine with a known exploit, hacking amounts to bamboozling other people into giving you their credentials or opening an infected file to gain access to their machine/network, which is exactly what the FBI claims they were doing here: >>66731281
>b-b-b-b-b-but its ok becuse hilary is crooked & ebil so dis be ok
Regardless of what you think about that political party, about Hillary and even though they were deeply inept because they didn't follow any serious security procedures; it is very serious and bad that foreign actor(s) attempt to attack and/or interfere with a US political party.

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Nonsense. Bandwidth is the expensive part of video hosting. Storage space costs almost nothing in comparison. Videos that aren't currently viral will get few views so require very little bandwidth.

People will happily donate some of their bandwidth/storage space to channels they care about. I know obscure youtube channels with sub 5k viewers that literally make a living from just donations from their fans. Only a fraction of that cost would be necessary for hosting. And it's way more convenient to donate some bandwidth on their PC than donate real money.

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>/g/tard hacks Gentoo's GitHub account
>instead of injecting malware into it, modifying the source in any way doing something clever all he does is change the logo and title
>"le niggers trololol XDDD"
I am disappoint. This has got to be the lamest and most pointless hack ever.

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The only way I've found to install them are either shady download links or the BlackBerry Manager app, which is what that anon was talking about: http://cobalt232.github.io/blackberrymanager/

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Jesus Christ. You... You know absolutely nothing about Linux or GNU tools, do you?

This is sad. You're essentially asking us how to use notepad and calculator on Windows to balance your check book. /g/ is not your tier 1 technical support. Go read a book on Linux administration.

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wait its female?

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>HDMI cables can overheat from that

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You're fucking trolling, right?
This is a goddamn joke, right?

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>new /csg/ thread
>obsessed anon shows up to rant and rave about """safe-chats""" like in every /csg/ thread for the past year
Get a life kiddo, your bitter obsession with the discord is just sad at this point.

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>C library
>casts the return value of malloc

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I am seriously in need of help, what's the best video recording program for recording flash games and executable (.exe) games?

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Actually they run the same on both OSes.

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>Boffins cook up fresh Meltdown, Spectre CPU design flaw exploits


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Why is a disc round but a disc drive is square?

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>posting a literal trashstation

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