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I am looking to up date an AIM-IPS I got on e-bay

anybody have a link to this file

thanks in advance

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Any body do a cisco course
I'm doing one and doing horribly, any advice?

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Any CUCM experts out there?

I've a question; We've been getting weird calls lately, from extentions that don't exist in our CUCM.

I got a call from 666 today. The time was less than a second, one ring and disconnect.

I've long suspected that there is someone on the inside (beit an employee or not) that is messing around with our environment.

Keep in mind; I'm technically the SysAdmin....and I'm a poor one. More company unfortunately is...pretty shitty with how it handles it's people. We had a mass exodus of the guys that actually knew what they were doing, and it left me as the most junior person to suddenly become the most senior.

I'm more just curious than anything. My company has said on many occasions they don't care about security, so neither do I. If it all crashes and burns tomorrow it's their own damn fault.

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IT Certs General:

>job Title
Systems Administrator (Networking/Vmware/SAN)
>how long in the industry
2 and a half years
>what IT certs do you have?
Cert II - Information Technology - General
Cert III - Information Technology - Network Administration
Cert IV - Information Technology - Network
>what were worth getting?
Cert IV.. did this through a traineeship and the company I worked at had some top guys who really knew their shit. They were always willing to teach me new stuff / throw me in the deep end.
>hardest cert to acquire?
Cert IV, but wasn't really hard. The current cert I'm studying for is the hardest yet.
>cert you're currently studying for?
>any other IT training you've undergone?
Vmware Install, Configure, Manage 5.1 training course which is a prerequisite for the VCP.
Also done:
Dell Force10 Administration
Dell EQL PS Series Advanced MGMT / Data Protection Tools
some citrix/ccna cbt nuggets

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networking general

ask any questions about networking, certs etc.

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newtwork discussion thread

few people hoped in the other day, lets do it again.

ask questions, talk shit, whatevers.

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networking discussion thread

yesterdays was pretty successful so we will do it again.

ask questions, talk shit, whatevers.

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networking discussion thread:

ask questions, talk shit. whatever.

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Anyone here proficient in CISCO that wants to make some money helping with one of my tests? I really don't care for CISCO but we have to take it after this first class we don't have to continue with it.

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Happy Sunday!

Very quickly: I served in the military and now have GI Bill benefits. While I've already got a liberal arts degree (Poli Sci), I'm loathe to apply my veteran's benefits to a master's program in the same field, and throw good money after bad.

I know I need to get technical. And I've always been interested in networking security (you can find me over at /pol/ discussing the "The Happening" as it relates to a cyberwar between the global blocs, lol).

And even if just in a managerial capacity, I know it can't hurt to have a CCNA or even CCNP under my belt.

Recently I've narrowed my options down to two: community college, and the local branch of University of Phoenix. The former offers an associates in Computer Science, but nothing specifically for IT. The latter offers an associates in IT with an emphasis in Cisco by way of a partnership with that company.

Maybe it's just their marketing budget doing its job, but I find myself drawn to U of P. It seems like you come out of there work-ready, and with significant industry contacts.

Your thoughts?

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I have a question for you /g/uys.

I am trying to study for my CCNA exam but I have no other resources besides the Cisco curriculum at present time.

Is there a place where I could study for the exam and other certs or should I just read through the whole curriculum to get ready for my tests?

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Any network engineers here? Do you like your job? Are you comfortable with your pay? I'm thinking about getting CCNA and continuing onto CCNP.

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Looking for some advice on what I should learn next..

I'm currently a cert IV networking student also working as a network administrator at a medium size company. I do all the network hardware upgrades and pretty much manage anything network related.

I'm familiar with most popular routing protocols / switching (understand how they work and how to configure them on network devices).
Also have a good understanding of the OSI model.

what should I learn next?
I don't know whats next so I've started reading "Mastering Vmware vsphere 5" to get a good understanding of ESXi and its capabilitys as Im also interested in this area and SAN storage.

>plz help

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Sup /g/?
Going to write my last Exam on Cisco IT Essentials 5.0. I would like to know, if anybody has the answers for the whole exam, or could at least give me the answers, when I give you the questions.

Note: It´s the final exam from the cisco it-essentials subject.

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Someone please explain to me why my schools WiFi sucks major balls.

Attempting to use their Citrix apps is a painful process. I think it's worse than anal probes from the gym teacher.
Enterprise Networking my ass.

>Cloud Computing
Pick one, ed, pick one. (Ed is IT director)

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How much study will I need to do in order to pass my CCNA?

I am currently competent in the following areas of networking:

routing (static routes, rip, eigrp)
ip schemes

decent knowledge of ios on common cisco layer2/3 devices.
also have a good knowledge of the ISO model.

ask me any questions also. :)

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So I'm taking this Online Cisco course and wtf man. I feel like im being hit by the automatic fire of an information assault rifle. How am i supposed to learn this shit? Anyone have CCENT or CCNA experience that could help a /g/ out with some helpful links?

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How hard was it for anyone with cisco certifications (say ccna + security at least) to get work

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/g/, is pursuing a CCNA worth the time and effort? What sort of opportunities does it open for me?

I'm considering taking a course for it, or just studying on my free time and trying for a cert.

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General Networking Thread! (Cisco focused)

All CCNE's, CCNA's, CCNP's and beyond! I'm currently studying for my CCNA. Are there any tips for someone who doesn't have much money to spend? What did you do that you think helped most?

To fellow study-ers, what are you doing to study? Do you want to share skypes so we can talk about what we are doing/questions either of us might have?

Again, this doesn't just have to be people who have Cisco certifications, it can be just a general Networking thread.

I am currently using this site: http://www.freeccnaworkbook.com/workbooks/ccna/

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I was told Cisco certified network pros make good money. What is your take on it?

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Cisco to sell off Linksys division

>According to the Bloomberg report, the move to sell Linksys comes as part Cisco's broader strategy, which will see it exit the consumer space entirely.

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got another for you

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I currently am working on the Exploration Routing: OSPF Skills Based Assessment and are still having trouble getting it working 100% could someone please help me complete this lab if someone is able to provide a .pkt file, I could provide them with a copy of Dota 2


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