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OP here, I turned everything off in my room that was making noise and I still hear it.
So that wiki link to Tinnitus might be the case. Fuck.
Also even if the headphones aren't plugged in, I still hear it.
I don't even listen to loud music, and I clean my ears regularly. FML

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>flee market
>Sees tech section of the store
>$100-200$ computers with Intel 4 and Athlon 1800+ and DDR ram
Oh fuck, where did this guy get this shit?
>goes to front desk
>asks where he got all this shit.
>"They just come by man, looking to buy?"
Nah, I'm just looking around.
>Sees better looking desktop behind desk.
How much does that cost?
>"1 Grand"
>"1TB HDD, 16GB of DDR3 GAYMING RAM, onboard video, Phenom X6 1090T, 700W PSU"
That really isn't worth 1 grand.
>"Hey man, they sell like crazy. HDD prices are high up right now, have you ever built a computer before?"
A couple.
>MFW the flea market is filled with scam artists left and right.

On a side note, he had 1TB HDDs for 100$ and right before that, I had a game of paintball.

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hey /g/ so my roomate asked me if he could borrow my laptop while i flew home this weekend and i said sure, guys a really chill dude and hes been my room mate for 3 semesters now, little did i know that when i'd get home that i'd have some really nasty virus that keep trying to get me to purchase "SYSTEM TOOL" and wont let me really do anything besides web browse sooo, there's 3 things to say
1. NEVER trust my room mate with my laptop
2. dont be a dumbfuck and let this happen again
3. see if ANYONE on /g/ has a solution for me
soo please help me out lol

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/g/ what is the ultimate way to remove a worm embedded in the system files that installs itself onto any kind of media I put into the computer?

It's some sort of raid device or something D:

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My face when my main computer crapped out, and all i have is a computer i made....And it has no gpu

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Thank you for your story. You have made years of sifting through /g/ shit worth it.

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Hi I recently opened up my computer to clean it out. I took out the graphics card and clean the fans a little bit. Then after i put everything back, my computer shuts down like ten seconds after i start it up. I think it may be the psu but im not sure.

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How do I hack a computer?

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Why the fuck can I change my google background on IE and Chrome and not on Firefox??? Srsly guys you're my only hope.

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